new_model: Constructor for a base model

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Constructor for a base model


A model is a scalar object, as classified in Advanced R. As such, it takes uniquely named elements in ... and combines them into a list with a class of class. This entire object represent a single model.


new_model(..., blueprint = default_xy_blueprint(), class = character())



Name-value pairs for elements specific to the model defined by class.


A preprocessing blueprint returned from a call to mold().


A character vector representing the class of the model.


Because every model should have multiple interfaces, including formula and recipes interfaces, all models should have a blueprint that can process new data when predict() is called. The easiest way to generate an blueprint with all of the information required at prediction time is to use the one that is returned from a call to mold().


A new scalar model object, represented as a classed list with named elements specified in ....


  custom_element = "my-elem",
  blueprint = default_xy_blueprint(),
  class = "custom_model"

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