Man pages for hardhat
Construct Modeling Packages

add_intercept_columnAdd an intercept column to 'data'
contr_one_hotContrast function for one-hot encodings
default_formula_blueprintDefault formula blueprint
default_recipe_blueprintDefault recipe blueprint
default_xy_blueprintDefault XY blueprint
delete_responseDelete the response from a terms object
extract_ptypeExtract a prototype
forgeForge prediction-ready data
get_data_classesExtract data classes from a data frame or matrix
get_levelsExtract factor levels from a data frame
hardhat-example-dataExample data for hardhat
hardhat-extractGenerics for object extraction
hardhat-packagehardhat: Construct Modeling Packages
is_blueprintIs 'x' a preprocessing blueprint?
model_frameConstruct a model frame
modeling-packageCreate a modeling package
model_matrixConstruct a design matrix
model_offsetExtract a model offset
moldMold data for modeling
new-blueprintCreate a new preprocessing blueprint
new-default-blueprintCreate a new default blueprint
new_modelConstructor for a base model
refresh_blueprintRefresh a preprocessing blueprint
run_moldCall 'mold$clean()' and 'mold$process()'
shrinkSubset only required columns
spruceSpruce up predictions
standardizeStandardize the outcome
update_blueprintUpdate a preprocessing blueprint
validate_column_namesEnsure that 'data' contains required column names
validate_no_formula_duplicationEnsure no duplicate terms appear in 'formula'
validate_outcomes_are_binaryEnsure that the outcome has binary factors
validate_outcomes_are_factorsEnsure that the outcome has only factor columns
validate_outcomes_are_numericEnsure outcomes are all numeric
validate_outcomes_are_univariateEnsure that the outcome is univariate
validate_prediction_sizeEnsure that predictions have the correct number of rows
validate_predictors_are_numericEnsure predictors are all numeric
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