Man pages for hedgehog
Property-Based Testing

commandState based testing commands
discardDiscard a test case
expect_sequentialExecute a state machine model
forallHedgehog property test
gen.actionsGenerate a list of possible actions.
gen.betaGenerate a float with a gamma distribution
gen.cGenerate a vector of values from a generator
gen.dateGenerate a date between the from and to dates specified.
gen-elementRandom Sample Generation
generateCompose generators
gen.exampleSample from a generator.
gen.gammaGenerate a float with a gamma distribution
gen.listGenerate a list of values, with length bounded by the size...
gen-monadGenerators a generator from shrinking
gen.recursiveBuild recursive structures in a way that guarantees...
gen.runRun a generator
gen.shrinkHelper to create a generator with a shrink function.
gen.sizedSized generator creation
gen.structureGenerate a structure
gen.unifGenerate a float between the from and to the values...
hedgehogProperty based testing in R
shrink.halvesShrink a number by dividing it into halves.
shrink.listShrink a list by edging towards the empty list.
shrink.removesProduce permutations of removing num elements from a list.
shrink.towardsShrink an integral number by edging towards a destination.
symbolicA symbolic value.
treeLazy rose trees
tree.replicateCreating trees of lists
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