load_mbb_team_box: *Load hoopR men's college basketball team box scores*

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load_mbb_team_boxR Documentation

Load hoopR men's college basketball team box scores


helper that loads multiple seasons from the data repo either into memory or writes it into a db using some forwarded arguments in the dots


  seasons = most_recent_mbb_season(),
  dbConnection = NULL,
  tablename = NULL



A vector of 4-digit years associated with given men's college basketball seasons. (Min: 2003)


Additional arguments passed to an underlying function that writes the season data into a database (used by update_mbb_db()).


A DBIConnection object, as returned by


The name of the play by play data table within the database


Returns a tibble

col_name types
team_id character
team_uid character
team_slug character
team_location character
team_name character
team_abbreviation character
team_display_name character
team_short_display_name character
team_color character
team_alternate_color character
team_logo character
field_goals_made_field_goals_attempted character
field_goal_pct character
three_point_field_goals_made_three_point_field_goals_attempted character
three_point_field_goal_pct character
free_throws_made_free_throws_attempted character
free_throw_pct character
total_rebounds character
offensive_rebounds character
defensive_rebounds character
assists character
steals character
blocks character
turnovers character
team_turnovers character
total_turnovers character
technical_fouls character
total_technical_fouls character
flagrant_fouls character
fouls character
largest_lead character
home_away character
opponent_id integer
opponent_name character
opponent_mascot character
opponent_abbrev character
game_id integer
season integer
season_type integer
game_date Date

See Also

Other hoopR Loader Functions: load_mbb_pbp(), load_mbb_player_box(), load_mbb_schedule(), load_nba_pbp(), load_nba_player_box(), load_nba_schedule(), load_nba_team_box()


load_mbb_team_box(seasons = most_recent_mbb_season())

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