Man pages for hsrecombi
Estimation of Recombination Rate and Maternal LD in Half-Sibs

bestmapfunBest fitting map function
checkCandidatesCandidates for misplacement
countNumbersCount genotype combinations at 2 SNPs
daughterSiretargetregion: allocation of paternal half-sib families
editrawEditing results of hsrecombi
geneticPositionEstimation of genetic position
genotype.chrtargetregion: progeny genotypes
hapSiretargetregion: sire haplotypes
hsrecombiEstimation of recombination rate and maternal LD
LDHScppExpectation Maximisation (EM) algorithm
loglikfunCalculate log-likelihood function
makehapMake list of imputed sire haplotypes
makehaplistMake list of sire haplotypes
makehappmMake list of imputed haplotypes and recombination rate
map.chrtargetregion: physical map
raoSystem of genetic mapping functions
startvalueStart value for maternal allele and haplotype frequencies
targetregionDescription of the targetregion data set
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