hyperdirichlet: A Generalization of the Dirichlet Distribution

A suite of routines for the hyperdirichlet distribution.

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AuthorRobin K.S. Hankin
Date of publication2017-04-18 05:29:13 UTC
MaintainerRobin K. S. Hankin <hankin.robin@gmail.com>

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Man pages

Arith: Arith methods for hyperdirichlet objects

B: Normalizing constant for the hyperdirichlet distribution

bernoulli: Hyperdirichlet distributions for various types of informative...

binmat: Create a matrix of all binary combinations

dhyperdirichlet: Probability density function for, and random sampling from,...

dirichlet: The Dirichlet and generalized Dirichlet distribution

diri_norm: Normalization constants for the Dirichlet and generalized...

doubles: Match outcomes from repeated doubles tennis matches

e_to_p: Transform from a simplex to a hypercube

extract: Extract or Replace parameters of a hyperdirichlet object

fitz: Fitzmaurice

hd_add: Add two hyperdirichlet distributions

head: Head and tail

hyperdirichlet: The Hyperdirichlet distribution

hyperdirichlet-class: Class "hyperdirichlet"

hyperdirichlet-package: The Hyperdirichlet package

justpairs: Hyperdirichlet distribution with nonzero coefficients for...

matrix_to_HD: Coerce matrices to hyperdirichlet objects

maximum_likelihood: Maximum likelihood point for the hyperdirichlet distribution

maxmult: Estimation of the multivariate beta distribution

paircomp: Hyperdirichlet distribution for repeated Bernoulli trials

params: Parameters of the hyperdirichlet distribution

paulino: Dataset used by Paulino

pnames: Names for the columns

pollen: Pollen data from Mosimann 1962

print: Print and various S4 methods for hyperdirichlet objects

serum: Serum data from Mosimann 1962

triplot: Plot density of a 3D hyperdirichlet distribution

uniform: A uniform Dirichlet distribution

volleyball: Results from the NOCS volleyball league


Arith,ANY,hyperdirichlet-method Man page
Arith,hyperdirichlet,ANY-method Man page
Arith,hyperdirichlet,hyperdirichlet-method Man page
Arith,hyperdirichlet,missing-method Man page
Arith,hyperdirichlet,numeric-method Man page
Arith-methods Man page
Arith,numeric,hyperdirichlet-method Man page
as.hyperdirichlet Man page
as.hyperdirichlet,hyperdirichlet-method Man page
as.hyperdirichlet,matrix-method Man page
as.hyperdirichlet,numeric-method Man page
B Man page
bernoulli Man page
bernoulli_matrix_to_HD Man page
bernoulli_obs Man page
binmat Man page
calculate_B Man page
dhyperdirichlet Man page
dhyperdirichlet_e Man page
dhyperdirichlet_p Man page
dim Man page
dim,hyperdirichlet-method Man page
dirichlet Man page
Dirichlet Man page
dirichlet_params Man page
dirichlet_params<- Man page
diri_norm Man page
doubles Man page
doubles_noghost Man page
e_to_p Man page
extract Man page
fitz Man page
gd Man page
gd_norm Man page
Generalized Dirichlet Man page
hd_add Man page
head Man page
head,hyperdirichlet-method Man page
hyperdirichlet Man page
[<-.hyperdirichlet Man page
[.hyperdirichlet Man page
hyperdirichlet-class Man page
[<-,hyperdirichlet-method Man page
[,hyperdirichlet-method Man page
hyperdirichlet-package Man page
is.dirichlet Man page
is.hyperdirichlet Man page
is.hyperdirichlet,hyperdirichlet-method Man page
is.proper Man page
isvalidated Man page
Jacobian Man page
justpairs Man page
matrix_to_HD Man page
maximum_likelihood Man page
maximum.likelihood Man page
maxmult Man page
mean Man page
mean,hyperdirichlet-method Man page
mgf Man page
mle Man page
mle_restricted Man page
mult_bernoulli_obs Man page
multinomial_matrix_to_HD Man page
mult_restricted_obs Man page
NC Man page
NC,hyperdirichlet-method Man page
obs Man page
paircomp Man page
params Man page
params,hyperdirichlet-method Man page
paulino Man page
Paulino Man page
pnames Man page
pnames<- Man page
pnames<-,hyperdirichlet-method Man page
pnames,hyperdirichlet-method Man page
pollen Man page
powers Man page
print.hyperdirichlet Man page
probability Man page
p_to_e Man page
rhyperdirichlet Man page
serum Man page
show Man page
show,hyperdirichlet-method Man page
single_bernoulli_obs Man page
single_multi_restricted_obs Man page
single_obs Man page
tail,hyperdirichlet-method Man page
triplot Man page
uniform Man page
validated Man page
validated,hyperdirichlet-method Man page
vb Man page
vb_synthetic Man page
volleyball Man page
volleyball_results Man page


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