doubles: Match outcomes from repeated doubles tennis matches

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Match outcomes from repeated doubles tennis matches




A hyperdirichlet object corresponding to the match outcomes listed below.


There are four players, p1 to p4. These players play doubles tennis matches with the following results:

match score
{p1,p2} vs {p3,p4} 9-2
{p1,p3} vs {p2,p4} 4-4
{p1,p4} vs {p2,p3} 6-7
{p1} vs {p3} 10-14
{p2} vs {p3} 12-14
{p1} vs {p4} 10-14
{p2} vs {p4} 11-10
{p3} vs {p4} 13-13

It is suspected that p1 and p2 have some form of team cohesion and play better when paired than when either solo or with other players. As the scores show, each player and, apart from p1-p2, each doubles partnership, is of approximately the same strength.

Dataset doubles_noghost gives the appropriate likelihood function for the players' strengths; and dataset doubles gives the appropriate likelihood function if the extra strength due to team cohesion of {p1,p2} is represented by a ghost player.


Doubles tennis matches at NOCS, Jan-May 2008


Robin K. S. Hankin (2010). “A Generalization of the Dirichlet Distribution”, Journal of Statistical Software, 33(11), 1-18,



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