Man pages for hyperdirichlet
A Generalization of the Dirichlet Distribution

ArithArith methods for hyperdirichlet objects
BNormalizing constant for the hyperdirichlet distribution
bernoulliHyperdirichlet distributions for various types of informative...
binmatCreate a matrix of all binary combinations
dhyperdirichletProbability density function for, and random sampling from,...
dirichletThe Dirichlet and generalized Dirichlet distribution
diri_normNormalization constants for the Dirichlet and generalized...
doublesMatch outcomes from repeated doubles tennis matches
e_to_pTransform from a simplex to a hypercube
extractExtract or Replace parameters of a hyperdirichlet object
hd_addAdd two hyperdirichlet distributions
headHead and tail
hyperdirichletThe Hyperdirichlet distribution
hyperdirichlet-classClass "hyperdirichlet"
hyperdirichlet-packageThe Hyperdirichlet package
justpairsHyperdirichlet distribution with nonzero coefficients for...
matrix_to_HDCoerce matrices to hyperdirichlet objects
maximum_likelihoodMaximum likelihood point for the hyperdirichlet distribution
maxmultEstimation of the multivariate beta distribution
paircompHyperdirichlet distribution for repeated Bernoulli trials
paramsParameters of the hyperdirichlet distribution
paulinoDataset used by Paulino
pnamesNames for the columns
pollenPollen data from Mosimann 1962
printPrint and various S4 methods for hyperdirichlet objects
serumSerum data from Mosimann 1962
triplotPlot density of a 3D hyperdirichlet distribution
uniformA uniform Dirichlet distribution
volleyballResults from the NOCS volleyball league
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