print.ibd.var: print an ibd.var object

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Print results stored in an ibd.var object. If is NULL and sinkfile is NULL, print everything to a made-up sink file because the output is most likely too big for standard output. If is not NULL, print the ibd.var elements that match ped.ids. If sinkfile is not NULL, sink results to that file.


 ## S3 method for class 'ibd.var'
print(x,, sinkfile=NULL, digits=max(options()$digits - 2, 5), ...)



An ibd.var object, created by either exact.ibd.var or sim.ibd.var

Vector of pedigree IDs to specify a subset of the pedigrees to print


Name of file to sink too. Printed output from ibd.var is large, especially if is not given, so enforce a file name for where to sink print results. If is NULL and sinkfile is not given, default is set to name of x with ".sink".


number of significant digits to print for numeric values


optional parameters for the print method


nothing is returned

See Also

sim.ibd.var, exact.ibd.var, ibdreg

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