icd: Tools for Working with ICD-9 and ICD-10 Codes, and Finding Comorbidities

Calculate comorbidities, Charlson scores, perform fast and accurate validation, conversion, manipulation, filtering and comparison of ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes. Common ambiguities and code formats are handled. This package enables a work flow from raw lists of ICD codes in hospital billing databases to comorbidities. ICD-9 and ICD-10 comorbidity mappings from Quan (Deyo and Elixhauser versions), Elixhauser and AHRQ included. This package replaces icd9, which can now be uninstalled.

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorJack O. Wasey [aut, cre, cph], William Murphy [ctb] (Van Walraven scores), R Core Team [ctb, cph] (m4 macro for OpenMP detection in configure)
Date of publication2016-09-02 23:45:32
MaintainerJack O. Wasey <jack@jackwasey.com>

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Man pages

apply_hier: Apply hierarchy and choose naming for each comorbidity map

as_char_no_warn: convert to character vector without warning

as.icd_short_diag: Set ICD short-form diagnosis code attribute

chapter_to_desc_range: Parse a (sub)chapter text description with parenthesised...

combine: combine ICD codes

condense_explain_table: condense 'icd_explain_table' output down to major codes

condense_explain_table_worker: generate condensed code and condensed number columns

convert: Convert ICD9 codes between formats and structures.

cr: sequence columns of comorbidities

expand_range_worker: expand range worker function

expect_chap_equal: expect named sub-chapter has a given range, case insensitive

expect_chap_present: expect that a chapter with given title exists,...

expect_equal_no_icd: expect equal, ignoring any ICD classes

factor_nosort: Fast Factor Generation

fastIntToString: Fast convert integer vector to character vector

fetch_rtf_year: Fetch RTF for a given year

fix_rtf_duplicates: fix duplicates detected in RTF parsing

fix_rtf_quirks_2015: fix quirks for 2015 RTF parsing

fixSubchapterNa: Fix NA sub-chapters in RTF parsing

fix_unicode: Fix Unicode characters in RTF

generate_deprecated_data: Generate deprecated data

generate_random_short_icd10cm_bill: generate random ICD-9 codes

generate_random_short_icd9: generate random ICD-9 codes

generate_spelling: Generate spelling exceptions

generate_sysdata: Generate 'sysdata.rda'

generate_uranium_pathology: generate uranium pathology data

generate_vermont_dx: generate 'vermont_dx' data

get_non_ASCII: mimic the R CMD check test

get_visit_name: Get or guess the name of the visit ID column

icd10_chapters: ICD-10 chapters

icd10cm2016: ICD-10-CM

icd10cm_extract_sub_chapters: Get sub-chapters from the 2016 XML for ICD-10-CM

icd10cm_get_all_defined: get all ICD-10-CM codes

icd10_comorbid_parent_search: find ICD-10 comorbidities by checking parents

icd10_comorbid_parent_search_cpp: Internal function to find ICD-10 parents

icd10_generate_map_quan_deyo: Generate Quan mapping for Charlson categories of ICD-10 codes

icd10_generate_map_quan_elix: generate ICD-10 Quan/Elixhauser mapping

icd10_parse_cc: Import the ICD10 to CC crosswalks

icd10_sub_chapters: ICD-10 sub-chapters

icd9_add_leading_zeroes_cpp: Add leading zeroes to incomplete ICD-9 codes

icd9_chapters: ICD-9 chapters

icd9_chapters_to_map: convert the chapter headings to lists of codes

icd9Charlson: Deprecated: calculate ICD-9 Charlson score

icd9Children: Deprecated: get children of ICD-9 codes

icd9cm_billable: list of annual versions of billable leaf nodes of ICD-9-CM

icd9cm_generate_chapters_hierarchy: generate ICD-9-CM hierarchy

icd9cm_get_billable: Get billable ICD-9-CM codes

icd9cm_hierarchy: Latest ICD-9-CM diagnosis codes, in flat 'data.frame' format

icd9cm_latest_edition: Latest ICD-9-CM edition

icd9Comorbid: Deprecated: get comorbidities from patient data

icd9ComorbidMatToDf: Deprecated: convert matrix of comorbidities to data frame

icd9Condense: Deprecated: condense list of ICD-9 codes

icd9Count: Deprecated: count number of ICD codes per patient

icd9DecimalToParts: Deprecated: convert between short, decimal ICD-9 codes

icd9DiffComorbid: Deprecated: find difference between comorbidity maps

icd9_drop_leading_zeroes: drop zero padding from decimal ICD-9 code.

icd9ExpandRange: Deprecated: expand range of ICD-9 codes

icd9Explain: Deprecated: explain ICD codes in words

icd9_extract_alpha_numeric: extract alphabetic, and numeric part of ICD-9 code prefix

icd9_fetch_ahrq_sas: get the SAS code from AHRQ

icd9FilterValid: Deprecated: filter valid ICD-9 codes in or out

icd9_generate_map_elix: Generate Elixhauser comorbidities

icd9_generate_map_quan_elix: Generate Quan's revised Elixhauser comorbidities

icd9_get_chapters: get ICD-9 Chapters from vector of ICD-9 codes

icd9GetChapters: Deprecated: get chapters for ICD-9 codes

icd9GetMajor: Deprecated: get or identify major part of an ICD-9 code

icd9GetValid: Deprecated: get valid ICD-9 codes

icd9IsBillable: Deprecated: get or test for billable (leaf node) ICD-9 codes

icd9_is_n: do ICD-9 codes belong to numeric, V or E sub-types?

icd9IsN: Deprecated: is a code a particular ICD-9 sub-type?

icd9_is_n_cpp: Do elements of vector begin with V, E (or any other...

icd9IsReal: Deprecated: get or identify 'real' defined ICD-9-CM codes.

icd9IsValidMapping: Deprecated: check whether a mapping has only valid ICD-9...

icd9LongToWide: Deprecated: convert ICD-9 patient data from long to wide...

icd9MajMinToCode: Convert major and minor vectors to single code

icd9_map_ahrq: AHRQ comorbidities

icd9_map_elix: Elixhauser comorbidities

icd9_map_hcc: Medicare Hierarchical Condition Categories

icd9_map_quan_deyo: Quan adaptation of Deyo/Charlson comorbidities

icd9_map_quan_elix: Quan adaptation of Elixhauser comorbidities

icd9_order_short: Get order of short-form ICD-9 codes

icd9_parse_ahrq_sas: parse AHRQ SAS code to get mapping

icd9_parse_cc: Generate ICD to HCC Crosswalks from CMS

icd9_parse_leaf_desc_ver: Read the ICD-9-CM description data as provided by the Center...

icd9_parse_quan_deyo_sas: parse original SAS code defining Quan's update of Deyo...

icd9RandomShort: Generate random short-form ICD-9 codes

icd9Sort: Deprecated: sort ICD-9 codes

icd9Valid: Deprecated: check validity of ICD-9 codes

icd9VanWalraven: Deprecated: calculate Van Walraven score from ICD-9 codes

icd_charlson: Calculate Charlson Comorbidity Index (Charlson Score)

icd_children: Get children of ICD codes

icd_children_defined: defined children of ICD codes

icd_classes_conflict: Check whether there are any ICD class conflicts

icd_classes_ordered: prefer an order of classes

icd_comorbid: Find comorbidities from ICD-9 codes.

icd_comorbid_df_to_mat: convert comorbidity matrix to data frame

icd_comorbid_mat_to_df: convert comorbidity data frame from matrix

icd_condense: Condense ICD-9 code by replacing complete families with...

icd_count_codes: Count ICD codes or comorbidities for each patient

icd_count_codes_wide: Count ICD codes given in wide format

icd_count_comorbid: Count number of comorbidities per patient

icd_decimal_to_parts: Convert decimal ICD codes to component parts

icd_decimal_to_short: Convert Decimal format ICD codes to short format

icd_deprecated: wrapper for '.Deprecated'

icd_diff_comorbid: show the difference between two comorbidity mappings

icd_expand_minor: expand decimal part of ICD-9 code to cover all possible...

icd_expand_range: take two ICD-9 codes and expand range to include all child...

icd_expand_range.icd10cm: Expand range of ICD-10 codes returning only defined codes in...

icd_expand_range_major: Expand major codes to range

icd_explain: Explain ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes in English

icd_explain_table: Explain ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes in English from decimal...

icd_explain_table_worker: generate table of ICD code explanations

icd_filter_poa: Filters data frame based on present-on-arrival flag

icd_filter_valid: Filter ICD codes by validity.

icd_get_billable: Get billable ICD codes

icd_get_defined: Select only defined ICD codes

icd_get_invalid: Get invalid ICD codes

icd_get_major: Get major part of an ICD code

icd_get_missing_kids: Find children of a code which are not in a given environment

icd_get_valid: invalid subset of decimal or short_code ICD-9 codes

icd_guess_pair_version: Guess the ICD version (9 or 10) from a pair of codes

icd_guess_short: Guess whether codes are 'short_code' or 'decimal_code'

icd_guess_short_update: Guess short vs decimal of ICD and update class

icd_guess_version: Guess version of ICD codes

icd_guess_version_update: Guess version of ICD and update class

icd_in_reference_code: match ICD9 codes

icd_is_billable: Determine whether codes are billable leaf-nodes

icd_is_defined: Check whether ICD-9 codes exist

icd_is_major: Check whether a code is major

icd_is_valid: Check whether ICD-9 codes are syntactically valid

icd_is_valid_major: Test whether an ICD code is major

icd_long_to_wide: Convert ICD data from long to wide format

icd_names_elix: Comorbidity names

icd-package: Tools for Working with ICD-9 and ICD-10 Codes, and Finding...

icd_parse_cc_hierarchy: Import CMS HCC Rules

icd_poa_choices: Present-on-admission flags

icd_short_to_decimal: Convert ICD codes from short to decimal forms

icd_short_to_parts: Convert short format ICD codes to component parts

icd_sort: Sort short-form ICD-9 codes

icd_update_everything: generate all package data

icd_van_walraven: Calculate van Walraven Elixhauser Score

icd_wide_to_long: Convert ICD data from wide to long format

is.icd9: test ICD-related classes

logical_to_binary: Encode 'TRUE' as 1, and 'FALSE' as 0 (integers)

my_test_check: run 'testtthat::test_check' with a Perl regular expression...

parse_leaf_desc_icd9cm_v27: Parse billable codes for ICD-9-CM version 27

parse_leaf_descriptions_all: Get billable codes from all available years

parse_rtf_lines: parse lines of RTF

parse_rtf_year: parse RTF description of entire ICD-9-CM for a specific year

print.icd_comorbidity_map: Print a comorbidity map

random_string: generate random strings

re_just: Limit a regular expression to just what is given

rtf_generate_fourth_lookup: generate look-up for four digit codes

rtf_lookup_fourth: apply fourth digit qualifiers

rtf_parse_fifth_digit_range: parse a row of RTF source data for ranges to apply fifth...

rtf_strip: Strip RTF

sas_extract_let_strings: Extract quoted or unquoted SAS string definitions

sas_format_extract: Extract assignments from a SAS FORMAT definition

sas_parse_assignments: Get assignments from a character string strings

save_in_data_dir: Save given variable in package data directory

set_full_test_options: Set test options to do everything

set_icd_class: Construct ICD-9 data types

setup_test_check: Set-up test options

shortcode_icd9: set 'icd_short_to_decimal' attribute

show_test_options: Show options which control testing

str_extract: str_extract replacement

strim: Trim leading and trailing white space from a single string

strip: Strip character(s) from character vector

str_pair_match: Match pairs of strings to get named vector

subset_icd: extract subset from ICD data

sub-sub-.icd_comorbidity_map: Extract vector of codes from an ICD comorbidity map

swap_names_vals: swap names and values of a vector

trim: Trim leading and trailing white space

unzip_single: unzip a single file from URL

unzip_to_data_raw: Unzip file to 'data-raw'

uranium_pathology: United States Transuranium & Uranium Registries

vermont_dx: Hospital discharge data from Vermont


ahrq Man page
ahrqComorbid Man page
ahrqComorbidNames Man page
ahrqComorbidNamesAbbrev Man page
ahrqComorbidNamesHtn Man page
ahrqComorbidNamesHtnAbbrev Man page
apply_hier Man page
apply_hier_ahrq Man page
apply_hier_elix Man page
apply_hier_quan_deyo Man page
apply_hier_quan_elix Man page
as_char_no_warn Man page
as.icd10 Man page
as.icd10cm Man page
as.icd9 Man page
as.icd9cm Man page
as.icd_comorbidity_map Man page
as.icd_decimal_diag Man page
as.icd_long_data Man page
as.icd_short_diag Man page
as.icd_wide_data Man page
.attr_decimal_diag Man page
.attr_short_diag Man page
.chapter_to_desc_range Man page
chapter_to_desc_range Man page
chapter_to_desc_range.icd10 Man page
chapter_to_desc_range.icd9 Man page
charlsonComorbidNames Man page
charlsonComorbidNamesAbbrev Man page
c.icd10 Man page
c.icd9 Man page
combine Man page
condense_explain_table Man page
condense_explain_table_worker Man page
convert Man page
cr Man page
download_to_data_raw Man page
elixComorbid Man page
elixComorbidNames Man page
elixComorbidNamesAbbrev Man page
elixComorbidNamesHtn Man page
elixComorbidNamesHtnAbbrev Man page
expand_range_worker Man page
expect_chap_equal Man page
expect_chap_present Man page
expect_equal_no_icd Man page
expect_icd10_chap_present Man page
expect_icd10_sub_chap_equal Man page
expect_icd10_sub_chap_present Man page
expect_icd9_chap_present Man page
expect_icd9_sub_chap_equal Man page
expect_icd9_sub_chap_present Man page
expect_icd_classes_ordered Man page
factor_nosort Man page
fastIntToStringRcpp Man page
fastIntToStringStd Man page
fetch_rtf_year Man page
fix_rtf_duplicates Man page
fix_rtf_quirks_2015 Man page
fixSubchapterNa Man page
fix_unicode Man page
generate_deprecated_data Man page
generate_random_decimal_icd9 Man page
generate_random_ordered_pts Man page
generate_random_pts Man page
generate_random_short_ahrq_icd9 Man page
generate_random_short_icd10cm_bill Man page
generate_random_short_icd9 Man page
generate_random_unordered_pts Man page
generate_spelling Man page
generate_sysdata Man page
generate_uranium_pathology Man page
generate_vermont_dx Man page
get_encodings Man page
get_non_ASCII Man page
get_visit_name Man page
\%i9d\% Man page
\%i9da\% Man page
\%i9in\% Man page
\%i9mj\% Man page
\%i9s\% Man page
\%i9sa\% Man page
icd Man page
icd10 Man page
[.icd10 Man page
[[.icd10 Man page
icd10_chapters Man page
icd10cm Man page
icd10cm2016 Man page
icd10cm_extract_sub_chapters Man page
icd10cm_get_all_defined Man page
icd10_comorbid Man page
icd10_comorbid_ahrq Man page
icd10_comorbid_elix Man page
icd10_comorbid_hcc Man page
icd10_comorbid_parent_search Man page
icd10_comorbid_parent_search_cpp Man page
icd10_comorbid_quan_deyo Man page
icd10_comorbid_quan_elix Man page
icd10_filter_invalid Man page
icd10_filter_valid Man page
icd10_generate_map_elix Man page
icd10_generate_map_quan_deyo Man page
icd10_generate_map_quan_elix Man page
icd10_map_ahrq Man page
icd10_map_cc Man page
icd10_map_elix Man page
icd10_map_quan_deyo Man page
icd10_map_quan_elix Man page
icd10-package Man page
icd10_parse_cc Man page
icd10_sub_chapters Man page
icd9 Man page
[.icd9 Man page
[[.icd9 Man page
icd9_add_leading_zeroes_cpp Man page
icd9Billable Man page
icd9_chapters Man page
icd9Chapters Man page
icd9ChaptersMajor Man page
icd9ChaptersSub Man page
icd9_chapters_to_map Man page
icd9Charlson Man page
icd9CharlsonComorbid Man page
icd9Charlson.data.frame Man page
icd9Children Man page
icd9ChildrenDecimal Man page
icd9ChildrenShort Man page
icd9cm Man page
icd9cm_billable Man page
icd9cm_generate_chapters_hierarchy Man page
icd9cm_get_billable Man page
icd9cm_hierarchy Man page
icd9cm_latest_edition Man page
icd9_comorbid Man page
icd9Comorbid Man page
icd9_comorbid_ahrq Man page
icd9ComorbidAhrq Man page
icd9ComorbidDfToMat Man page
icd9_comorbid_elix Man page
icd9ComorbidElix Man page
icd9_comorbid_hcc Man page
icd9Comorbidities Man page
icd9ComorbiditiesAhrq Man page
icd9ComorbiditiesElixHauser Man page
icd9ComorbiditiesQuanDeyo Man page
icd9ComorbiditiesQuanElixhauser Man page
icd9ComorbidMatToDf Man page
icd9_comorbid_quan_deyo Man page
icd9ComorbidQuanDeyo Man page
icd9_comorbid_quan_elix Man page
icd9ComorbidQuanElix Man page
icd9ComorbidQuanElixhauser Man page
icd9ComorbidShort Man page
icd9ComorbidShortCpp Man page
icd9Condense Man page
icd9_condense_decimal Man page
icd9CondenseDecimal Man page
icd9_condense_short Man page
icd9CondenseShort Man page
icd9Count Man page
icd9CountComorbidBin Man page
icd9CountWide Man page
icd9DecimalToParts Man page
icd9DecimalToPartsCpp Man page
icd9DecimalToShort Man page
icd9DiffComorbid Man page
icd9_drop_leading_zeroes Man page
icd9_drop_leading_zeroes_major Man page
icd9ExpandRange Man page
icd9_expand_range_decimal Man page
icd9ExpandRangeDecimal Man page
icd9ExpandRangeMajor Man page
icd9_expand_range_short Man page
icd9ExpandRangeShort Man page
icd9Explain Man page
icd9Explain.character Man page
icd9ExplainDecimal Man page
icd9Explain.list Man page
icd9Explain.numeric Man page
icd9ExplainShort Man page
icd9_extract_alpha_numeric Man page
icd9_fetch_ahrq_sas Man page
icd9_filter_invalid Man page
icd9FilterInvalid Man page
icd9FilterPoa Man page
icd9FilterPoaNo Man page
icd9FilterPoaNotNo Man page
icd9FilterPoaNotYes Man page
icd9FilterPoaYes Man page
icd9_filter_valid Man page
icd9FilterValid Man page
icd9_generate_map_elix Man page
icd9_generate_map_quan_elix Man page
icd9GetBillable Man page
icd9GetBillableDecimal Man page
icd9GetBillableShort Man page
icd9_get_chapters Man page
icd9GetChapters Man page
icd9GetInvalid Man page
icd9GetInvalidDecimal Man page
icd9GetInvalidMappingDecimal Man page
icd9GetInvalidMappingShort Man page
icd9GetInvalidShort Man page
icd9GetMajor Man page
icd9GetNonBillable Man page
icd9GetNonBillableDecimal Man page
icd9GetNonBillableShort Man page
icd9GetReal Man page
icd9GetRealDecimal Man page
icd9GetRealShort Man page
icd9GetValid Man page
icd9GetValidDecimal Man page
icd9GetValidShort Man page
icd9Hierarchy Man page
icd9IsBillable Man page
icd9IsBillableDecimal Man page
icd9IsBillableShort Man page
icd9_is_e Man page
icd9IsE Man page
icd9_is_e_cpp Man page
icd9IsMajor Man page
icd9_is_n Man page
icd9IsN Man page
icd9_is_n_cpp Man page
icd9IsReal Man page
icd9IsRealDecimal Man page
icd9IsRealShort Man page
icd9_is_v Man page
icd9IsV Man page
icd9IsValid Man page
icd9IsValidDecimal Man page
icd9IsValidDecimalE Man page
icd9IsValidDecimalN Man page
icd9IsValidDecimalV Man page
icd9IsValidMajor Man page
icd9_is_valid_major_e Man page
icd9IsValidMajorE Man page
icd9_is_valid_major_n Man page
icd9IsValidMajorN Man page
icd9_is_valid_major_v Man page
icd9IsValidMajorV Man page
icd9IsValidMapping Man page
icd9IsValidMappingDecimal Man page
icd9IsValidMappingShort Man page
icd9IsValidShort Man page
icd9IsValidShortE Man page
icd9IsValidShortN Man page
icd9IsValidShortV Man page
icd9_is_v_cpp Man page
icd9LongToWide Man page
icd9MajMinToCode Man page
icd9_majors Man page
icd9_map_ahrq Man page
icd9_map_cc Man page
icd9_map_elix Man page
icd9_map_hcc Man page
icd9_map_quan_deyo Man page
icd9_map_quan_elix Man page
icd9_order_short Man page
icd9-package Man page
icd9_parse_ahrq_sas Man page
icd9_parse_cc Man page
icd9_parse_leaf_desc_ver Man page
icd9_parse_quan_deyo_sas Man page
icd9PartsToDecimal Man page
icd9PartsToShort Man page
icd9PoaChoices Man page
icd9RandomShort Man page
icd9RandomShortE Man page
icd9RandomShortN Man page
icd9RandomShortV Man page
icd9ShortToDecimal Man page
icd9ShortToParts Man page
icd9ShortToPartsCpp Man page
icd9Sort Man page
icd9SortDecimal Man page
icd9SortShort Man page
icd9_sub_chapters Man page
icd9Valid Man page
icd9ValidDecimal Man page
icd9ValidShort Man page
icd9VanWalraven Man page
icd9VanWalravenComorbid Man page
icd9WideToLong Man page
icd_charlson Man page
icd_charlson.data.frame Man page
icd_charlson_from_comorbid Man page
icd_children Man page
icd_children.character Man page
icd_children_defined Man page
icd_children_defined.icd10cm Man page
icd_children.icd10 Man page
icd_children.icd10cm Man page
icd_children.icd9 Man page
icd_classes_conflict Man page
icd_classes_ordered Man page
icd_comorbid Man page
icd_comorbid_ahrq Man page
icd_comorbid_common Man page
icd_comorbid_df_to_mat Man page
icd_comorbid_elix Man page
icd_comorbid_hcc Man page
[[.icd_comorbidity_map Man page
icd_comorbidity_map Man page
icd_comorbid_mat_to_df Man page
icd_comorbid_quan_deyo Man page
icd_comorbid_quan_elix Man page
icd_condense Man page
icd_condense.character Man page
icd_count_codes Man page
icd_count_codes_wide Man page
icd_count_comorbid Man page
icd_decimal_to_parts Man page
icd_decimal_to_parts.character Man page
icd_decimal_to_parts.icd10 Man page
icd_decimal_to_parts.icd9 Man page
icd_decimal_to_short Man page
icd_decimal_to_short.default Man page
icd_deprecated Man page
icd_diff_comorbid Man page
icd_diff_comorbid.list Man page
icd_expand_minor Man page
icd_expand_range Man page
icd_expand_range.character Man page
icd_expand_range.icd10cm Man page
icd_expand_range.icd9 Man page
icd_expand_range_major Man page
icd_expand_range_major.default Man page
icd_expand_range_major.icd10cm Man page
icd_expand_range_major.icd9 Man page
icd_explain Man page
icd_explain.default Man page
icd_explain.icd10 Man page
icd_explain.icd9 Man page
icd_explain.icd9cm Man page
icd_explain.list Man page
icd_explain_table Man page
icd_explain_table.default Man page
icd_explain_table.icd10 Man page
icd_explain_table.icd10cm Man page
icd_explain_table.icd9 Man page
icd_explain_table.icd9cm Man page
icd_explain_table_worker Man page
icd_filter_invalid Man page
icd_filter_poa Man page
icd_filter_poa_no Man page
icd_filter_poa_not_no Man page
icd_filter_poa_not_yes Man page
icd_filter_poa_yes Man page
icd_filter_valid Man page
icd_get_billable Man page
icd_get_billable.default Man page
icd_get_billable.icd10 Man page
icd_get_billable.icd10cm Man page
icd_get_billable.icd9 Man page
icd_get_billable.icd9cm Man page
icd_get_defined Man page
icd_get_invalid Man page
icd_get_invalid.default Man page
icd_get_invalid.icd10 Man page
icd_get_invalid.icd9 Man page
icd_get_invalid.icd_comorbidity_map Man page
icd_get_major Man page
icd_get_major.icd10 Man page
icd_get_major.icd9 Man page
icd_get_missing_kids Man page
icd_get_valid Man page
icd_get_valid.character Man page
icd_get_valid.icd10 Man page
icd_get_valid.icd10cm Man page
icd_get_valid.icd9 Man page
icd_guess_pair_version Man page
icd_guess_short Man page
icd_guess_short_update Man page
icd_guess_version Man page
icd_guess_version.character Man page
icd_guess_version.data.frame Man page
icd_guess_version.factor Man page
icd_guess_version.icd10 Man page
icd_guess_version.icd9 Man page
icd_guess_version_update Man page
icd_in_reference_code Man page
icd_is_billable Man page
icd_is_billable.default Man page
icd_is_billable.icd10 Man page
icd_is_billable.icd10cm Man page
icd_is_billable.icd9 Man page
icd_is_billable.icd9cm Man page
icd_is_defined Man page
icd_is_defined.default Man page
icd_is_defined.icd10 Man page
icd_is_defined.icd10cm Man page
icd_is_defined.icd9 Man page
icd_is_major Man page
icd_is_major.default Man page
icd_is_major.icd10 Man page
icd_is_major.icd10cm Man page
icd_is_major.icd9 Man page
icd_is_valid Man page
icd_is_valid.default Man page
icd_is_valid.icd10 Man page
icd_is_valid.icd9 Man page
icd_is_valid.icd_comorbidity_map Man page
icd_is_valid_major Man page
icd_is_valid_major.default Man page
icd_is_valid_major.icd10 Man page
icd_is_valid_major.icd9 Man page
icd_long_data Man page
icd_long_to_wide Man page
icd_map_cc_hcc Man page
icd_names_ahrq Man page
icd_names_ahrq_abbrev Man page
icd_names_ahrq_htn Man page
icd_names_ahrq_htn_abbrev Man page
icd_names_cc Man page
icd_names_charlson Man page
icd_names_charlson_abbrev Man page
icd_names_elix Man page
icd_names_elix_abbrev Man page
icd_names_elix_htn Man page
icd_names_elix_htn_abbrev Man page
icd_names_quan_elix Man page
icd_names_quan_elix_abbrev Man page
icd_names_quan_elix_htn Man page
icd_names_quan_elix_htn_abbrev Man page
icd-package Man page
icd_parse_cc_hierarchy Man page
icd_poa_choices Man page
icd_short_to_decimal Man page
icd_short_to_decimal.default Man page
icd_short_to_decimal.icd10 Man page
icd_short_to_decimal.icd10cm Man page
icd_short_to_decimal.icd9 Man page
icd_short_to_parts Man page
icd_short_to_parts.character Man page
icd_short_to_parts.icd10 Man page
icd_short_to_parts.icd9 Man page
icd_sort Man page
icd_sort.default Man page
icd_sort.icd10 Man page
icd_sort.icd9 Man page
icd_update_everything Man page
icd_van_walraven Man page
icd_van_walraven.data.frame Man page
icd_van_walraven_from_comorbid Man page
icd_wide_data Man page
icd_wide_to_long Man page
is.icd10 Man page
is.icd10cm Man page
is.icd9 Man page
is.icd9cm Man page
is.icd_comorbidity_map Man page
is.icd_decimal_diag Man page
is.icd_long_data Man page
is.icd_short_diag Man page
is.icd_wide_data Man page
is_non_ASCII Man page
logical_to_binary Man page
my_test_check Man page
package-icd10 Man page
package-icd9 Man page
parse_leaf_desc_icd9cm_v27 Man page
parse_leaf_descriptions_all Man page
parse_rtf_lines Man page
parse_rtf_year Man page
print.icd_comorbidity_map Man page
quanDeyoComorbid Man page
quanElixComorbid Man page
quanElixComorbidNames Man page
quanElixComorbidNamesAbbrev Man page
quanElixComorbidNamesHtn Man page
quanElixComorbidNamesHtnAbbrev Man page
random_string Man page
re_just Man page
re_just_ws Man page
re_wrap_or Man page
rtf_generate_fourth_lookup Man page
rtf_lookup_fourth Man page
rtf_parse_fifth_digit_range Man page
rtf_strip Man page
sas_extract_let_strings Man page
sas_format_extract Man page
sas_format_extract_rcomfmt Man page
sas_parse_assignments Man page
save_in_data_dir Man page
set_full_test_options Man page
set_icd_class Man page
setup_test_check Man page
shortcode_icd10 Man page
shortcode_icd9 Man page
show_test_options Man page
str_extract Man page
strim Man page
strip Man page
str_pair_match Man page
subset_icd Man page
swap_names_vals Man page
trim Man page
unzip_single Man page
unzip_to_data_raw Man page
uranium_pathology Man page
vermont_dx Man page


inst/doc/Charlson_and_other_scores.R inst/doc/icd-10.R
tests/test-current-only-comorbid.R tests/test-deprecated.R tests/test-current-no-comorbid.R
tests/testthat/test-current-longtowide.R tests/testthat/test-deprecated-util.R tests/testthat/test-deprecated-comorbid.R tests/testthat/helper-icd10.R tests/testthat/helper-deprecated.R tests/testthat/test-deprecated-openmp.R tests/testthat/test-current-comorbid-calcs-icd10.R tests/testthat/test-current-hierarchy.R tests/testthat/test-deprecated-valid.R tests/testthat/test-current-score.R tests/testthat/test-current-who-icd10.R tests/testthat/test-current-convert.R tests/testthat/test-deprecated-comorbid-calcs.R tests/testthat/test-current-ranges-icd10.R tests/testthat/test-deprecated-parse.R tests/testthat/test-current-comorbid-maps-icd9.R tests/testthat/test-current-sample-data.R tests/testthat/test-current-util.R tests/testthat/test-deprecated-condense.R tests/testthat/test-deprecated-convert.R tests/testthat/test-current-hcc.R tests/testthat/test-future-explain-icd10.R tests/testthat/test-current-sas.R tests/testthat/test-deprecated-score.R tests/testthat/test-current-explain-table.R tests/testthat/test-deprecated-LongToWide.R tests/testthat/test-current-parse-icd10.R tests/testthat/test-current-comorbid-calcs-icd9.R tests/testthat/test-current-valid-icd10.R tests/testthat/test-current-class.R tests/testthat/test-current-guess.R tests/testthat/test-current-ranges.R tests/testthat/test-current-valid.R tests/testthat/test-current-filter-icd10.R tests/testthat/test-current-cpp.R tests/testthat/test-current-examples.R tests/testthat/test-deprecated-manip.R tests/testthat/test-deprecated-ranges.R tests/testthat/test-current-is.R tests/testthat/test-current-manip.R tests/testthat/test-current-comorbid-maps-icd10.R tests/testthat/test-deprecated-filter.R tests/testthat/test-current-attr.R tests/testthat/test-current-condense.R tests/testthat/test-current-explain.R tests/testthat/test-deprecated-reshape.R tests/testthat/test-current-children-icd10.R tests/testthat/test-current-billable.R tests/testthat/test-deprecated-billable.R tests/testthat/test-current-lints.R tests/testthat/helper-base.R tests/testthat/test-current-parse.R tests/testthat/test-deprecated-explain.R tests/testthat/test-current-parse-icd9.R tests/testthat/test-current-openmp.R tests/testthat/test-deprecated-sas.R tests/testthat/test-current-spell.R tests/testthat/test-current-reshape.R tests/testthat/test-deprecated-hierarchy.R tests/testthat/test-current-filter-poa.R tests/testthat/test-deprecated-is.R
R/convert.R R/parse-icd10cm-xml.R R/explain.R R/children.R R/icd-package.R R/generate_mappings.R R/parse-rtf.R R/manip.R R/generate_deprecated_data.R
R/score.R R/filter.R R/sort.R R/datadocs.R R/valid.R R/parse-comorbid.R R/parse-icd10.R R/RcppExports.R R/deprecated.R R/real.R R/comorbid.R R/parse.R R/util-file.R R/generate_spelling.R R/condense.R R/util.R R/generate_sysdata.R R/ranges.R R/util-test.R R/diff_comorbid.R R/explain-table.R R/sas.R R/attr.R R/class.R R/print.icd_comorbidity_map.R R/zzz.R R/guess.R
man/rtf_parse_fifth_digit_range.Rd man/icd_filter_poa.Rd man/icd9_add_leading_zeroes_cpp.Rd man/icd9FilterValid.Rd man/icd_get_defined.Rd man/shortcode_icd9.Rd man/rtf_generate_fourth_lookup.Rd man/icd9Charlson.Rd man/icd9GetValid.Rd man/icd_decimal_to_short.Rd man/icd9Condense.Rd man/setup_test_check.Rd man/icd9MajMinToCode.Rd man/icd10_chapters.Rd man/icd_long_to_wide.Rd man/icd_guess_version.Rd man/expect_chap_equal.Rd man/print.icd_comorbidity_map.Rd man/icd10cm_get_all_defined.Rd man/strim.Rd man/parse_leaf_descriptions_all.Rd man/fix_unicode.Rd man/icd9cm_hierarchy.Rd man/icd10_sub_chapters.Rd man/icd10cm2016.Rd man/icd9IsBillable.Rd man/icd_sort.Rd man/icd_comorbid.Rd man/icd9_extract_alpha_numeric.Rd man/icd_get_major.Rd man/cr.Rd man/icd9_map_elix.Rd man/icd_short_to_decimal.Rd man/generate_sysdata.Rd man/icd_count_comorbid.Rd man/generate_vermont_dx.Rd man/combine.Rd man/fixSubchapterNa.Rd man/expand_range_worker.Rd man/icd9_is_n.Rd man/icd9_get_chapters.Rd man/icd_van_walraven.Rd man/get_visit_name.Rd man/apply_hier.Rd man/icd_is_major.Rd man/sub-sub-.icd_comorbidity_map.Rd man/unzip_to_data_raw.Rd man/icd_get_missing_kids.Rd man/icd_decimal_to_parts.Rd man/rtf_strip.Rd man/icd_classes_ordered.Rd man/icd_explain.Rd man/generate_deprecated_data.Rd man/icd9DiffComorbid.Rd man/as.icd_short_diag.Rd man/icd9_order_short.Rd man/strip.Rd man/icd9_chapters_to_map.Rd man/is.icd9.Rd man/icd9_fetch_ahrq_sas.Rd man/icd_is_defined.Rd man/icd9_parse_quan_deyo_sas.Rd man/icd9_drop_leading_zeroes.Rd man/icd9RandomShort.Rd man/icd_charlson.Rd man/icd10_comorbid_parent_search.Rd man/unzip_single.Rd man/vermont_dx.Rd man/icd_expand_range_major.Rd man/icd9DecimalToParts.Rd man/sas_extract_let_strings.Rd man/icd_count_codes.Rd man/icd10_parse_cc.Rd man/icd9_map_quan_deyo.Rd man/convert.Rd man/icd_guess_short.Rd man/uranium_pathology.Rd man/icd9_map_quan_elix.Rd man/icd9IsReal.Rd man/icd_expand_minor.Rd man/icd_guess_short_update.Rd man/icd9GetChapters.Rd man/icd_comorbid_df_to_mat.Rd man/condense_explain_table.Rd man/icd_comorbid_mat_to_df.Rd man/icd9LongToWide.Rd man/icd_classes_conflict.Rd man/generate_random_short_icd10cm_bill.Rd man/icd9Children.Rd man/icd_is_billable.Rd man/icd9ExpandRange.Rd man/icd-package.Rd man/icd_get_invalid.Rd man/icd_guess_version_update.Rd man/icd_expand_range.Rd man/icd_filter_valid.Rd man/icd_names_elix.Rd man/icd_children_defined.Rd man/icd9VanWalraven.Rd man/icd10_generate_map_quan_elix.Rd man/icd_wide_to_long.Rd man/swap_names_vals.Rd man/icd_deprecated.Rd man/icd10_generate_map_quan_deyo.Rd man/icd9IsValidMapping.Rd man/icd_get_billable.Rd man/expect_chap_present.Rd man/icd9cm_get_billable.Rd man/icd9ComorbidMatToDf.Rd man/generate_uranium_pathology.Rd man/expect_equal_no_icd.Rd man/icd9_parse_leaf_desc_ver.Rd man/as_char_no_warn.Rd man/icd9_generate_map_quan_elix.Rd man/icd9_map_ahrq.Rd man/show_test_options.Rd man/subset_icd.Rd man/set_icd_class.Rd man/icd_children.Rd man/parse_rtf_lines.Rd man/condense_explain_table_worker.Rd man/icd_poa_choices.Rd man/random_string.Rd man/icd9_parse_cc.Rd man/set_full_test_options.Rd man/parse_leaf_desc_icd9cm_v27.Rd man/icd9_parse_ahrq_sas.Rd man/icd9_chapters.Rd man/icd9Comorbid.Rd man/generate_spelling.Rd man/trim.Rd man/generate_random_short_icd9.Rd man/icd9Valid.Rd man/icd9cm_latest_edition.Rd man/icd9GetMajor.Rd man/my_test_check.Rd man/factor_nosort.Rd man/get_non_ASCII.Rd man/fastIntToString.Rd man/icd_short_to_parts.Rd man/icd_count_codes_wide.Rd man/icd9_map_hcc.Rd man/str_extract.Rd man/icd_parse_cc_hierarchy.Rd man/icd9cm_billable.Rd man/icd9_generate_map_elix.Rd man/icd_condense.Rd man/icd_explain_table_worker.Rd man/icd_is_valid.Rd man/icd_expand_range.icd10cm.Rd man/chapter_to_desc_range.Rd man/icd10_comorbid_parent_search_cpp.Rd man/icd_guess_pair_version.Rd man/fetch_rtf_year.Rd man/sas_parse_assignments.Rd man/logical_to_binary.Rd man/save_in_data_dir.Rd man/re_just.Rd man/icd10cm_extract_sub_chapters.Rd man/str_pair_match.Rd man/fix_rtf_quirks_2015.Rd man/icd_in_reference_code.Rd man/parse_rtf_year.Rd man/icd_get_valid.Rd man/rtf_lookup_fourth.Rd man/icd9Sort.Rd man/icd9IsN.Rd man/icd9Explain.Rd man/icd9_is_n_cpp.Rd man/icd_update_everything.Rd man/sas_format_extract.Rd man/icd_diff_comorbid.Rd man/icd9Count.Rd man/icd9cm_generate_chapters_hierarchy.Rd man/icd_explain_table.Rd man/fix_rtf_duplicates.Rd man/icd_is_valid_major.Rd

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