Man pages for icd
Comorbidity Calculations and Tools for ICD-9 and ICD-10 Codes

all_identicalallow 'microbenchmark' to compare multiple results
apply_hierApply hierarchy and choose naming for each comorbidity map
as_char_no_warnconvert to character vector without warning
as.decimal_diagGet or set whether ICD codes have have an attribute...
attr_decimal_diagSet ICD short-form diagnosis code attribute
attr_short_diagSet short diagnosis flag in C++
categorize_simpleCategorize codes according to a mapping
chapter_to_desc_rangeParse a (sub)chapter text description with parenthesised...
charlsonCalculate Charlson Comorbidity Index (Charlson Score)
charlson_from_comorbidCalculate Charlson scores from precomputed Charlson...
childrenGet children of ICD codes
children_defineddefined children of ICD codes
classes_orderedprefer an order of classes
combinecombine ICD codes
comorbidFind comorbidities from ICD-9 codes.
comorbid_df_to_matconvert comorbidity matrix to data frame
comorbid_hccGet Hierarchical Condition Codes (HCC)
comorbid_hcc_workerapply HCC rules to either ICD-9 or ICD-10 codes
comorbidMatMulSimpleComorbidity calculation as a matrix multiplication
comorbid_mat_to_dfconvert comorbidity data frame from matrix
comorbid_pccc_dxCalculate pediatric complex chronic conditions (PCCC)...
condenseCondense ICD-9 code by replacing complete families with...
condense_explain_tablecondense 'explain_table' output down to major codes
condense_explain_table_workergenerate condensed code and condensed number columns
convertConvert ICD9 codes between formats and structures.
count_codesCount ICD codes or comorbidities for each patient
count_codes_wideCount ICD codes given in wide format
count_comorbidCount number of comorbidities per patient
crsequence columns of comorbidities
decimal_to_partsConvert decimal ICD codes to component parts
decimal_to_shortConvert Decimal format ICD codes to short format
diff_comorbidshow the difference between two comorbidity mappings
do_extra_testsSet system environment to do extra tests
env_to_vec_flipreturn a new environment with names and values swapped
expand_minorexpand decimal part of ICD-9 code to cover all possible...
expand_rangetake two ICD-9 codes and expand range to include all child...
expand_range.icd10cmExpand range of ICD-10 codes returning only defined codes in...
expand_range_majorExpand major codes to range
expect_chap_equalexpect named sub-chapter has a given range, case insensitive
expect_chap_presentexpect that a chapter with given title exists,...
expect_equal_no_icdexpect equal, ignoring any ICD classes
explain_codeExplain ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes in English
explain_tableExplain ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes in English from decimal...
explain_table_workergenerate table of ICD code explanations
factor_nosortFast Factor Generation
fastIntToStringRcppConvert integers to strings as quickly as possible
fetch_icd10cm_allFetch ICD-10-CM data from the CMS web site
filter_poaFilters data frame based on present-on-arrival flag
filter_validFilter ICD codes by validity.
fixSubchapterNaFix NA sub-chapters in RTF parsing
generate_icd10_sourcesGenerate list of data source information for ICD-10-CM...
generate_icd_chaptersGenerate ICD-9 and ICD-10 Chapter names and number ranges,...
generate_maps_pcccGenerate PCCC data
generate_random_short_icd10cm_billgenerate random ICD-9 codes
generate_random_short_icd9generate random ICD-9 codes
generate_spellingGenerate spelling exceptions
generate_sysdataGenerate 'sysdata.rda'
get_billableGet billable ICD codes
get_definedSelect only defined ICD codes
get_icd_nameget the name of a 'data.frame' column which is most likely to...
get_invalidGet invalid ICD codes
get_majorGet major part of an ICD code
get_non_ASCIImimic the 'R CMD check' test
get_raw_data_dirGet the raw data directory
get_validinvalid subset of decimal or short_code ICD-9 codes
get_visit_nameGet or guess the name of the visit ID column
grapes-eine-grapesin/match equivalent for two 'Environment' arguments
guess_pair_versionGuess the ICD version (9 or 10) from a pair of codes
guess_shortGuess whether codes are 'short_code' or 'decimal_code'
guess_versionGuess version of ICD codes
guess_version_updateGuess version of ICD and update class
icd10_chaptersICD-10 chapters
icd10cm_extract_sub_chaptersGet sub-chapters from the 2016 XML for ICD-10-CM
icd10cm_get_all_definedget all ICD-10-CM codes
icd10_comorbid_reduceICD-10 comorbidities by reducing problem size
icd10_fetch_ahrq_ccsDownload AHRQ CCS ICD-10 definitions
icd10_generate_map_quan_deyoGenerate Quan mapping for Charlson categories of ICD-10 codes
icd10_generate_map_quan_elixgenerate ICD-10 Quan Elixhauser mapping
icd10_map_ahrq_pcsAHRQ ICD-10-PCS categories
icd10_parse_ahrq_ccsparse AHRQ CCS for mapping - ICD10
icd10_parse_ccImport the ICD10 to CC crosswalks
icd10_pcsICD-10-CM Procedure Codes
icd10_sub_chaptersICD-10 sub-chapters
icd9_add_leading_zeroes_cppAdd leading zeroes to incomplete ICD-9 codes
icd9AddLeadingZeroesMajorSingleSimpler add leading zeroes without converting to parts and...
icd9_chaptersICD-9 chapters
icd9_chapters_to_mapconvert the chapter headings to lists of codes
icd9cm_billablelist of annual versions of billable leaf nodes of ICD-9-CM
icd9cm_generate_chapters_hierarchyGenerate ICD-9-CM hierarchy
icd9cm_get_billableGet billable ICD-9-CM codes
icd9cm_hierarchyLatest ICD-9-CM diagnosis codes, in flat 'data.frame' format
icd9cm_latest_editionLatest ICD-9-CM edition
icd9_drop_leading_zeroesdrop zero padding from decimal ICD-9 code.
icd9_expand_range_workerexpand range worker
icd9_extract_alpha_numericextract alphabetic, and numeric part of ICD-9 code prefix
icd9_fetch_ahrq_ccsDownload AHRQ CCS ICD-9 definitions
icd9_fetch_ahrq_sasget the SAS code from AHRQ
icd9_generate_all_generate lookup data for each class of ICD-9 code
icd9_generate_map_elixGenerate Elixhauser comorbidities
icd9_generate_map_quan_elixGenerate Quan's revised Elixhauser comorbidities
icd9_generate_sourcesgenerate data for finding source data for ICD-9-CM
icd9_get_chaptersget ICD-9 Chapters from vector of ICD-9 codes
icd9_is_nDo ICD-9 codes belong to numeric, V or E sub-types?
icd9_is_n_cppDo elements of vector begin with V, E (or any other...
icd9MajMinToCodeConvert 'mjr' and 'mnr' vectors to single code
icd9_map_ahrqAHRQ comorbidities
icd9_map_elixElixhauser comorbidities
icd9_map_hccMedicare Hierarchical Condition Categories
icd9_map_pcccPediatric Complex Chronic Conditions
icd9_map_quan_deyoQuan adaptation of Deyo/Charlson comorbidities
icd9_map_quan_elixQuan adaptation of Elixhauser comorbidities
icd9_map_single_ccsClinical Classifications Software (CCS) for ICD9/10-CM
icd9_order_shortGet order of short-form ICD-9 codes
icd9_parse_ahrq_ccsparse AHRQ CCS for mapping
icd9_parse_ahrq_sasparse AHRQ SAS code to get mapping
icd9_parse_ccGenerate ICD to HCC Crosswalks from CMS
icd9_parse_leaf_desc_verRead the ICD-9-CM description data as provided by the Center...
icd9_parse_quan_deyo_sasparse original SAS code defining Quan's update of Deyo...
icd9_sourcesICD-9 and ICD-10 data sources
icd_attr_cleanRemove any attributes set by 'icd'
icd_classes_conflictCheck whether there are any ICD class conflicts
icd_long_dataConvert between and identify 'long' and 'wide' patient data...
icd-packageicd: Comorbidity Calculations and Tools for ICD-9 and ICD-10...
icd_parse_cc_hierarchyImport CMS HCC Rules
is_billableDetermine whether codes are billable leaf-nodes
is_definedCheck whether ICD-9 codes exist
is.icd9test ICD-related classes
is_majorCheck whether a code is major
is_validCheck whether ICD-9 codes are syntactically valid
is_valid_majorTest whether an ICD code is major
logical_to_binaryEncode 'TRUE' as 1, and 'FALSE' as 0 (integers)
long_to_wideConvert ICD data from long to wide format
match_rcppFaster match
named_listmake a list using input argument names as names
names_elixComorbidity names
parse_leaf_desc_icd9cm_v27Parse billable codes for ICD-9-CM version 27
parse_leaf_descriptions_allGet billable codes from all available years
poa_choicesPresent-on-admission flags
print.comorbidity_mapPrint a comorbidity map
print.icd9Print ICD codes and comorbidity maps cleanly
random_stringgenerate random strings
refactorRefactor by integer matching levels in C++
refactor_workerRe-generate a factor with new levels, without doing string...
rtf_fetch_yearFetch RTF for a given year
rtf_filter_excludesexclude some unwanted rows from filtered RTF
rtf_fix_duplicatesfix duplicates detected in RTF parsing
rtf_fix_quirks_2015fix quirks for 2015 RTF parsing
rtf_fix_unicodeFix Unicode characters in RTF
rtf_generate_fourth_lookupgenerate look-up for four digit codes
rtf_lookup_fourthapply fourth digit qualifiers
rtf_main_filterfilter RTF for actual ICD-9 codes
rtf_parse_fifth_digit_rangeparse a row of RTF source data for ranges to apply fifth...
rtf_parse_linesparse lines of RTF
rtf_parse_yearparse RTF description of entire ICD-9-CM for a specific year
rtf_stripStrip RTF
sas_extract_let_stringsExtract quoted or unquoted SAS string definitions
sas_format_extractExtract assignments from a SAS FORMAT definition
sas_parse_assignmentsGet assignments from a character string strings
save_in_data_dirSave given variable in package data directory
set_icd_classConstruct ICD-9 and ICD-10 data types
set_re_globalsPut ICD validation regular expressions in the 'icd:::' name...
shortcode_icd9set 'short_to_decimal' attribute
short_to_decimalConvert ICD codes from short to decimal forms
short_to_partsConvert short format ICD codes to component parts
simplify_map_lexInternal function to simplify a comorbidity map by only...
sort_icdSort short-form ICD-9 codes
str_extract'stringr' does this, but here we have a small amount of base...
strimTrim leading and trailing white space from a single string
stripStrip character(s) from character vector
str_match_allreturn all matches for regular expression
str_pair_matchMatch pairs of strings to get named vector
subset_icdextract subset from ICD data
sub-sub-.comorbidity_mapExtract vector of codes from an ICD comorbidity map
swap_names_valsswap names and values of a vector
switch_ver_cmbguess icd-9 or icd-10 or other type, and switch to call the...
test_envSet up a test environment which also has the internal...
trimTrim leading and trailing white space
unzip_singleunzip a single file from URL
unzip_to_data_rawUnzip file to raw data directory
update_everythinggenerate all package data
uranium_pathologyUnited States Transuranium & Uranium Registries
van_walravenCalculate van Walraven Elixhauser Score
vec_to_env_truecreate environment from vector
vermont_dxHospital discharge data from Vermont
wide_to_longConvert ICD data from wide to long format
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