guess_short: Guess whether codes are 'short_code' or 'decimal_code'

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The goal is to guess whether codes are short_code or decimal_code form. Currently condense works, but not with the icd look-up table currently in use. Of note, validation is a bit different here, since we don't know the type until after we guess. We could look for where both short_code and long are invalid, and otherwise assume valid, even if the bulk are short_code. However, it may be more useful to check validity after the guess.


guess_short(x_, short_code = NULL, n = 1000L, icd_name = NULL)


Very quick heuristic, ploughs through ten million codes in less than one second and will stop more quickly if it finds a '.'.


single logical value, TRUE if input data are predominantly short_code type. If there is some uncertainty, then return NA.

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