nchannel: Manning's n for Channels

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A table containing the type of channel and description along with the minimum, normal, and maximum value of n, if it exists. n is the "Gauckler- Manning coefficient (commonly called Manning's n)" and it's dimensionless. Source: Manning formula.




A data.table data frame with 97 rows and 4 variables:

Type of Channel and Description

Type of channel name and any descriptive information

Minimum n

Minimum n value

Normal n

Normal n value

Maximum n

Maximum n value


  1. This data is from FishXing Version 3.0 Beta (2006) by Michael Furniss, Michael Love, Susan Firor, Kathleen Moynan, Antonio Llanos, Jeff Guntle, and Robert Gubernick. See The original data source is Ven Te Chow, Open-Channel Hydraulics, New York City, York: McGraw-Hill, 1959.

  2. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. Wikipedia, 26 November 2015, <e2><80><9c>Manning formula<e2><80><9d>,



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