imputeLCMD: A collection of methods for left-censored missing data imputation

The package contains a collection of functions for left-censored missing data imputation. Left-censoring is a special case of missing not at random (MNAR) mechanism that generates non-responses in proteomics experiments. The package also contains functions to artificially generate peptide/protein expression data (log-transformed) as random draws from a multivariate Gaussian distribution as well as a function to generate missing data (both randomly and non-randomly). For comparison reasons, the package also contains several wrapper functions for the imputation of non-responses that are missing at random. * New functionality has been added: a hybrid method that allows the imputation of missing values in a more complex scenario where the missing data are both MAR and MNAR.

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AuthorCosmin Lazar
Date of publication2015-01-19 07:09:10
MaintainerCosmin Lazar <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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generate.ExpressionData Man page
generate.RollUpMap Man page
impute.MAR Man page
impute.MAR.MNAR Man page
impute.MinDet Man page
impute.MinProb Man page
impute.QRILC Man page
impute.wrapper.KNN Man page
impute.wrapper.MLE Man page
impute.wrapper.SVD Man page
impute.ZERO Man page
insertMVs Man page
intensity_PXD000022 Man page
intensity_PXD000052 Man page
intensity_PXD000438 Man page
intensity_PXD000501 Man page
model.Selector Man page
pep2prot Man page

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