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Various Coefficients of Interrater Reliability and Agreement

agreeSimple and extended percentage agreement
anxietyAnxiety ratings by different raters
bhapkarBhapkar coefficient of concordance between raters
diagnosesPsychiatric diagnoses provided by different raters
finnFinn coefficient for oneway and twoway models
iccIntraclass correlation coefficient (ICC) for oneway and...
iotaiota coefficient for the interrater agreement of multivariate...
kappa2Cohen's Kappa and weighted Kappa for two raters
kappam.fleissFleiss' Kappa for m raters
kappam.lightLight's Kappa for m raters
kendallKendall's coefficient of concordance W
kripp.alphacalculate Krippendorff's alpha reliability coefficient
maxwellMaxwell's RE coefficient for binary data
meancorMean of bivariate correlations between raters
meanrhoMean of bivariate rank correlations between raters
N2.cohen.kappaSample Size Calculation for Cohen's Kappa Statistic with more...
N.cohen.kappaSample Size Calculation for Cohen's Kappa Statistic
print.icclistDefault printing function for ICC results
print.irrlistDefault printing function for various coefficients of...
rater.biasCoefficient of rater bias
relInterIntraInter- and intra-rater reliability
robinsonRobinson's A
stuart.maxwellStuart-Maxwell coefficient of concordance for two raters
videoDifferent raters judging the credibility of videotaped...
visionEye-testing case records
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