meanrho: Mean of bivariate rank correlations between raters

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Computes the mean of bivariate Spearman's rho rank correlations between raters as an index of the interrater reliability of ordinal data.


meanrho(ratings, fisher = TRUE)



n*m matrix or dataframe, n subjects m raters.


a logical indicating whether the correlation coefficients should be Fisher z-standardized before averaging.


Missing data are omitted in a listwise way.
The mean of bivariate rank correlations should not be used as an index of interrater reliability when ties within raters occur.
The null hypothesis r=0 could only be tested when Fisher z-standardized values are used for the averaging.
When computing Fisher z-standardized values, perfect correlations are omitted before averaging because z equals +/-Inf in that case.


A list with class '"irrlist"' containing the following components:


a character string describing the method applied for the computation of interrater reliability.


the number of subjects examined.


the number of raters.


a character string specifying the name of the coefficient.


coefficient of interrater reliability.


a character string specifying the name of the corresponding test statistic.


the value of the test statistic.


the p-value for the test.


a character specifying whether correlations were dropped before the computation of the Fisher z-standardized average. Additionally, a warning message is created if ties were found within raters.


Matthias Gamer

See Also

cor, kendall



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