generate_testlet: Generate a random Testlet object

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generate_testletR Documentation

Generate a random Testlet object


Generate a random Testlet object


  model = "BTM",
  n = NULL,
  item_models = "3PL",
  item_id_preamble = NULL,
  n_categories = 4,



The model of the Testlet


The number of items in the Testlet.


A single model name or a vector of model names with the size of n that represents the models of items in the Testlet object.


The preamble for the item ids within the Testlet.


For polytomous items, designate the number of categories each item should have. It can be a single integer value larger than 1. In this case all of the polytomous items of the testlet will have this number of categories. It can be a vector of length n designating the categories of each item. For dichotomous items, the values in n_categories will be ignored.


Additional parameters passed to testlet() function.


A Testlet-class object


Emre Gonulates


# By default, a Testlet object with '3PL' model items generated
# Designate the number of items in the testlet
generate_testlet(n = 12)
# Set the ID of the testlet
generate_testlet(testlet_ = "my-testlet")
# Designate the ID of testlet and preamble for item ids
generate_testlet(testlet_id = "my-testlet", item_id_preamble = "mt-")
# Generate item pools for other models
generate_testlet(item_model = "Rasch")
generate_testlet(item_model = "1PL")
generate_testlet(item_model = "2PL")
generate_testlet(item_model = "4PL")
generate_testlet(item_model = "GRM") # Graded Response Model
generate_testlet(item_model = "GPCM") # Generalized Partial Credit Model
generate_testlet(item_model = "PCM") # Partial Credit Model
generate_testlet(item_model = "GPCM2") # Reparameterized GPCM
# Mixture of models
generate_testlet(item_models = c("4PL", "Rasch"))
generate_testlet(model = c("2PL", "GRM", "Rasch"), n = 11)

# Generating multiple testlet objects with custom ids
sapply(paste0("testlet-", 1:4), function(x) generate_testlet(testlet_id = x))

# Generate testlet with dichotomous and polytomous with different number of
# categories.
  item_models = c("3PL", "GRM", "GPCM", "GRM", "2PL"),
  n_categories = c(2, 3, 6, 7, 2))

# # Generating multiple testlet objects with custom ids and item models and
# # put them in an item pool:
# temp_list <- list(ids = paste0("testlet-", 1:3),
#                   item_models = c("Rasch", "2PL", "GPCM"))
# itempool(sapply(1:length(temp_list$item_id), function(i)
#   generate_testlet(item_id = temp_list$item_id[i],
#   item_models = temp_list$item_models[i])))

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