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Item Response Theory and Computerized Adaptive Testing Functions

add_miscAdd or change a named value to 'misc' slot of an...
area_between_iccCalculate the area between two ICC curves an 'Item-class' object into a 'data.frame'. a 'cat_output' object into a 'data.frame'. a 'Response-class' object into a 'data.frame'. a 'Response_set-class' object into a long format...
as.ItempoolCoerce a given object to 'Itempool-class' object
as.list.ItempoolThis function converts Itempool objects to a list object
as.list.Response_setThis function converts Response_set objects to a list object
as.matrix-Response_set-methodConvert a 'Response_set-class' object into a 'matrix'
biserialCalculate biserial correlation
cConcatenate 'Item', 'Itempool' or 'Testlet' objects and...
calculate_exposure_ratesCalculate exposure rate of items for CAT
calculate_overlap_ratesCalculate overlap rate of items for CAT
cash-.cat_outputPrints the raw output of cat_sim
cash-Item-methodGet slots from an 'Item-class' object.
cash-Itempool-methodGet slots of the an 'Itempool-class' object.
cash-Response-methodGet slots of the an 'Response-class' object.
cash-Response_set-methodGet slots of the a 'Response_set-class' object.
cash-set-Item-methodSet values to parameters or components of 'Item-class' object
cash-set-Itempool-methodSet values to parameters or components of 'Itempool' class.
cash-set-Response-methodSet values to components of 'Response' class objects
cash-set-Response_set-methodSet values to components of 'Response_set' class objects
cash-set-Testlet-methodSet values to parameters or components of 'Testlet-class'...
cash-Testlet-methodAccess slots of a 'Testlet-class' object
cat_simComputerized Adaptive Test (CAT) Simulation
cat_sim_fastComputerized Adaptive Test (CAT) Simulation (Parallel...
c.cat_designConcatenate 'cat_design' objects
classification_agreement_indexCalculate agreement index
classification_indicesCalculate classification accuracy and consistency
convert_modelConvert model parameters from one model to another
create_cat_designComputerized Adaptive Test (CAT) Simulation Design
cusum_singleCUSUM based statistics for one examinee
difEvaluate Differential Item Functioning (DIF) of a test
distractor_analysisDistractor Analysis Function
dot-print.TestletPrint a 'Testlet-class' object
equate_stuirtIRT Scale Transformation using STUIRT Program
est_abilityEstimate Examinee Ability
est_bilogItem Calibration via BILOG-MG
est_flexmirtUnidimensional Item Calibration via flexMIRT
est_irtproItem Calibration via IRTPRO
est_winstepsEstimate Rasch Model using Winsteps
generate_ipGenerate a random 'Itempool' object
generate_itemGenerate a random Item object
generate_respGenerate random item responses (Response object)
generate_resp_setGenerate a random item responses (Response_set object)
generate_testletGenerate a random Testlet object
get_cat_administered_itemsGet administered items from a CAT output
get_cat_response_dataExtracts the response data of CAT output.
get_max_possible_total_scoreCalculate the maximum score of a set of items
GPCM2-classReparameterized Generalized Partial Credit Model
GPCM-classGeneralized Partial Credit Model
GRM-classGraded Response Model
infoCalculates the information of an "Item" object
ipdItem Parameter Drift
irt1PLOne-Parameter Logistic IRT model
irt2PLTwo-Parameter Logistic IRT model
irt3PLThree-Parameter Logistic IRT model
irt4PLThree-Parameter Logistic IRT model
irt-packageirt: Item Response Theory and Computerized Adaptive Testing...
isCheck whether an object is an 'Item-class'
itemCreate an 'Item' object
item_analysisItem Analysis Function
Item-classAn S4 class to represent an Item
item_fitCalculate item-fit indices
itempoolCreate an 'Itempool' object
Itempool-classAn S4 class to represent an Itempool
kappa_coefCalculate Cohen's Kappa Coefficient
ksItem Characteristic Curve Estimation using Kernel Smoothing
lengthFind the length of an 'Itempool-class' object
M2PLMultidimensional Two-Parameter Logistic Model
M3PLMultidimensional Three-Parameter Logistic Model
max_scoreCalculate the maximum possible score
mean.ItemCalculate the expected value of an Item
mean.ItempoolCalculate the expected value of an Itempool
mean.TestletCalculate the expected value of an Testlet
PCM-classPartial Credit Model
person_fitCalculate person-fit indices
plot.cat_outputPlot progress of a CAT algorithm for one examinee
plot_distractor_iccPlot Empirical Item or Test characteristic curve
plot_empirical_iccPlot Empirical Item characteristic curve
plot_empirical_icc2Plot Empirical Item Characteristic Curve
plot_infoPlot Item Information Function
plot.ItemPlot Item Characteristic Curve of an 'Item' object
plot.ItempoolPlot Item Characteristic Curves or Test Characteristic Curve...
plot.ks_outputPlot Item Fit using Kernel-Smoothing
plot_resp_loglikPlot the Log-Likelihood of a response string
point_biserialCalculate point-biserial correlation
print.bilog_outputPrints 'bilog_output' objects
print.cat_designPrints cat_design objects.
print.cat_outputThis method prints an "cat_output" class object
print-Item-methodPrint an 'Item-class' object
print-Itempool-methodShow an 'Itempool-class' object
print-Response-methodShow an 'Response-class' object
print-Response_set-methodPrint a 'Response_set-class' object
probCalculate the probability of a correct response
prob_sum_scoreCalculate summed-score probabilities
qip_indexCalculate Quality of Item Pool Index
Rasch-classRasch model
resp_likLikelihood of a response string
resp_loglikLog-likelihood of a Response String
responseCreate a Response object from a vector of responses
Response-classAn S4 class representing responses of a single examinee
response_setCreate 'Response_set-class' object
Response_set-classAn S4 class representing responses of a set of examinees
rmsdCalculate Root Mean Square Deviation (RMSD) (or Root Mean...
rsssConvert raw score to scale score and vice versa
score_infoCalculate Score Information Function
score_raw_respScore Raw Responses
showShow an 'Item-class' object
show.cat_outputThis method shows an "cat_output" class object
sim_respGenerate responses for a given model
sub-Itempool-ANY-missing-methodSubset 'Itempool' objects
subset-response_setSubset 'Response_set' objects
sub-sub-Itempool-numeric-missing-methodSubset 'Itempool' objects
sub-sub-Response_set-numeric-missing-methodSubset 'Response_set' objects
sub-subset-Itempool-numeric-missing-methodSet the elements of an 'Itempool' objects.
sub-subset-Response_set-numeric-missing-methodSet the elements of an 'Response_set' objects.
sub-subset-Testlet-numeric-missing-methodThis function sets the elements of a Testlet objects.
sub-sub-Testlet-numeric-missing-methodAccess the items of a 'Testlet-class' object.
sub-Testlet-ANY-missing-methodSubset 'Testlet-class' object
summary.cat_outputSummarizes the raw output of cat_sim
summary.listIf a list object consists of all "cat_output" objects, then...
testletCreates a 'Testlet-class' object
Testlet-classAn S4 class to represent a Testlet
var.ItemCalculate the variance of an Item
var.ItempoolCalculate the variances of items in an Itempool
var.TestletCalculate the variances of items in a Testlet
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