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Plot Item Information Function


plot_info Plots the item information function.


  tif = FALSE,
  theta_range = c(-5, 5),
  focus_item = NULL,
  title = "",
  suppress_plot = FALSE,
  base_r_graph = FALSE,
  separate_testlet = TRUE,



An Item-class or Itempool-class object.


If TRUE a test information plot will be plotted. The default value is FALSE.


Either (a) a numeric vector of length two where the values are minimum and maximum theta values, or, (b) a numeric vector of length more than two where values represents the theta values that will be plotted.


If one or more items information graphs needed to be focused whereas rest of the items' information functions needed to be on the background, provide item numbers or item ID's to be focused.


Title of the plot. If the value is NULL, the plot title will be suppressed.


If FALSE the function will print the plot. If TRUE, function will return the plot object. Default value is FALSE.


If TRUE function will plot graphs using base R graphics. If FALSE the function will check whether 'ggplot2' package is installed. If it is installed, it will use 'ggplot2' package for the plot. The default value is FALSE.


A logical value indicating whether to separate items within testlets or not. If TRUE, information values of all items within the testlet are plotted separately. if FALSE, information functions of items within testlets are combined (like test information function) and plotted that way along with standalone items.


Extra parameters that will pass to geom_line.


Depending on the value of suppress_plot function either prints the item information function or returns the plot object.


Emre Gonulates


# Plot the information function of an item
plot_info(item(b = 1))

# Plot information function(s) of an Itempool object
n <- sample(10:20,1)
ip <- generate_ip()
plot_info(ip, tif = TRUE)
plot_info(ip, tif = TRUE, theta_range = c(-3, 3))
# Focus on one item
plot_info(ip, focus_item = "Item_2")

# Base R Graphics
plot_info(ip, base_r_graph = TRUE)
plot_info(ip, focus_item = "Item_2", base_r_graph = TRUE)

# Plot information with focus on a specific item(s)
plot_info(ip, focus_item = "Item_1")
plot_info(ip, focus_item = 3)
# plot_info(ip, focus_item = c(2, 8))
# plot_info(ip, focus_item = c("Item_5", "Item_6"))

plot_info(ip, focus_item = 7, alpha = .7, color = "gray")

plot_info(ip, focus_item = "Item_3", color = "green", base_r_graph = TRUE)

# Information Plots with Testlets
ip <- c(testlet(itempool(b = c(-1, 1), item_id = c("t1-i1", "t1-i2"),
                         D = 1.702), testlet_id = "t1"),
        testlet(itempool(b = c(-2, 0, 2),
                         item_id = c("t2-i1", "t2-i2", "t2-i3"),
                         D = 1.702), testlet_id = "t2"),
        item(b = -1.5, item_id = "i1", D = 1.702),
        item(b = 0.25, item_id = "i2", D = 1.702),
        item(b = 1.5, item_id = "i3", D = 1.702))
plot_info(ip, separate_testlet = FALSE)

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