Man pages for islasso
The Induced Smoothed Lasso

aic.islassoOptimization for the selection of the tuning parameter
anova.islassoGeneral Linear Hypotheses method for 'islasso' objects
breastBreast Cancer microarray experiment
confint.islassoconfint method for 'islasso' objects
diabetesBlood and other measurements in diabetics
is.controlAuxiliary for controlling islasso model fitting
islassoThe Induced Smoothed lasso
islasso-internalInternal Functions
islasso-packageThe Induced Smoothed lasso: A practical framework for...
plot.islassoDiagnostics plots for Induced Smoothing Lasso Model
predict.islassoPrediction method for islasso fitted objects
ProstateProstate Cancer Data
simulXySimulate model matrix and response
summary.islassosummary method for islasso fitted objects
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