Man pages for ivmte
Instrumental Variables: Extrapolation by Marginal Treatment Effects

AEAngrist Evans Data
altDefSplinesBasis(Alternative) Defining single splines basis functions, with...
argstringAuxiliary function: extract arguments from function in string...
auditAudit procedure
boundObtaining TE bounds
boundCIConstruct confidence intervals for treatment effects under...
boundPvalueConstruct p-values for treatment effects under partial...
bXSpline basis function of order 1
checkUCheck polynomial form of the u-term
classFormulaAuxiliary function: test if object is a formula
classListAuxiliary function: test if object is a list
combinemonoboundCombining the boundedness and monotonicity constraint objects
constructConstantConstruct constant function
criterionMinMinimizing violation of observational equivalence
designGenerating design matrices
extractcolsAuxiliary function: extracting columns by component names
fmtResultFormat result for display
funEvalEvaluate a particular function
genBasisSplinesGenerate basis matrix for splines
genboundAGenerating the constraint matrix
gendist1Generate test distribution 1
gendist1eGenerate test distribution 1 with errors
gendist2Generate test distribution 2
gendist3Generate test distribution 3
gendist3eGenerate test distribution 3 with errors
gendist4Generate test distribution 4
gendist5eGenerate test distribution 5 (has errors and a covariate)
gendist6eGenerate test distribution 6 (has errors and a covariate)
gendistBasicGenerate basic data set for testing
gendistCovariatesGenerate test data set with covariates
gendistMosquitoGenerate mosquito data set
gendistSplinesGenerate test data set with splines
genejAuxiliary function: generating basis vectors
genGammaEstimating expectations of terms in the MTR (gamma objects)
genGammaSplinesGenerate Gamma moments for splines
genGammaSplinesTTGenerating the Gamma moments for splines, for 'testthat'
genGammaTTFunction to generate gamma moments for 'testthat'
gengridGenerating the grid for the audit procedure
genmonoAGenerate components of the monotonicity constraints
genmonoboundAGenerating monotonicity and boundedness constraints
genSSetGenerating moments/data for IV-like estimands
genTargetGenerating target MTR moments
genWeightGenerating list of target weight functions
getXZAuxiliary function: extract X and Z covariates from a formula
gmmEstimateGMM estimate of TE under point identification
interactSplinesUpdate splines object with list of interactions
isfunctionstringAuxiliary function: check if string is command
ivEstimateObtaining IV-like specifications
ivmteInstrumental Variables: Extrapolation by Marginal Treatment...
ivmteEstimateSingle iteration of estimation procedure from Mogstad,...
ivmteSimDataivmte Simulated Data
lListing subsets and components
lpSetupConstructing LP problem
lpSetupBoundConfigure LP environment for obtaining the bounds
lpSetupCriterionConfigure LP environment for minimizing the criterion
lpSetupCriterionBootConfigure LP environment for specification testing
lpSetupEqualCoefGenerate equality constraints
lpSetupInfeasibleConfigure LP environment for diagnostics
lpSetupSolverConfigure LP environment to be compatible with solvers
magnitudeCheck magnitude of real number
matrixTripletsConvert matrix into triplet form
mIntFunction to generate integral of m0 and m1
modcallAuxiliary function: modifying calls
momentMatrixConstruct pre-meaned moment matrix
monoIntegralIntegrating and evaluating monomials
negationCheckCheck if custom weights are negations of each other
olsjOLS weights
optionsCplexAPIFunction to parse options for CPLEX
optionsCplexAPISingleFunction to parse a single set of options for CPLEX
optionsCplexAPITolFunction to extract feasibility tolerance from CPLEX options
optionsGurobiFunction to parse options for Gurobi
optionsLpSolveAPIFunction to parse options for lp_solve
optionsRmosekFunction to parse options for Gurobi
parenthBooleanCorrect boolean expressions in terms lists
permuteAuxiliary function: generate all permutations of a vector
permuteNAuxiliary function: generate all permutation orderings
pivObtaining IV-like estimands
polyparseParsing marginal treatment response formulas
polyProductFunction to multiply polynomials
popmeanCalulating population mean
print.ivmtePrint results
propensityEstimating propensity scores
qpSetupConstructing QCQP problem
qpSetupBoundConstructing QCQP problem for bounding
qpSetupCriterionConfigure QCQP problem to find minimum criterion
qpSetupInfeasibleConfigure QP environment for diagnostics
removeSplinesSeparating splines from MTR formulas
rescaleXFunction to implement rescaling procedure
restringAuxiliary function that converts an expression of variable...
rhaltonGenerate Halton sequence
runCplexAPIRunning cplexAPI solver
runGurobiRunning Gurobi solver
runLpSolveAPIRunning lpSolveAPI
runMosekRunning Rmosek
selectViolationsSelect points from audit grid to add to the constraint grid
sOls1dIV-like weighting function, OLS specification 1
sOls2dIV-like weighting function, OLS specification 2
sOls3IV-like weighting function, OLS specification 3
sOlsSplinesIV-like weighting function, OLS specifications
splineIntIntegrating splines
splinesBasisEvaluating splines basis functions
splineUpdateConstructing higher order splines
statusStringConvert status code to string
sTslsIV-like weighting function, TSLS specification
sTslsSplinesIV-like weighting function, TSLS specification
subsetcleanAuxiliary function: remove extraneous spaces
summary.ivmteSummarize results
sWaldIV-like weighting function, Wald specification
symatGenerate symmetric matrix
tslsTSLS weights, with controls
unstringAuxiliary function that converts a vector of strings into an...
uSplineBasisSpline basis function
uSplineIntIntegrated splines
vecextractAuxiliary function: extracting elements from strings
wate1Target weight for ATE
watt1Target weight for ATT
wAttSplinesTarget weighting function, for ATT
watu1Target weight for ATU
weightsGenerating splines weights
wgenlate1Target weight for generalized LATE
whichforlistAuxiliary function: 'which' for lists
wlate1Target weight for LATE
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