stemcells: Meta-analysis of 31 randomized controled trials (RCTs) with...

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Meta-analysis of 31 randomized controled trials (RCTs) of two treatment groups of heart disease patients, where the treatment group received bone marrow stem cells and the control group a placebo treatment.


A matrix with 31 rows and 5 columns. Each row represents study results, the columns are:


ID name of the trial.


treatment effect is measured as the difference of the ejection fraction between groups, which measures the improvement of left ventricular function in the heart.


Standard Error of the effect.size.


Total number of patients in the trial.


Number of detected discrepancies in the published trial. Discrepancies are defined as two or more reported facts that cannot both be true because they are logically or mathematically incompatible.


Nowbar, A N, et al. (2014) Discrepancies in autologous bone marrow stem cell trials and enhancemen of ejection fraction (DAMASCENE): weighted regression and meta-analysis. BMJ, 348,1-9.


Verde, P. E. (2017) Two Examples of Bayesian Evidence Synthesis with the Hierarchical Meta-Regression Approach. Chap.9, pag 189-206. Bayesian Inference, ed. Tejedor, Javier Prieto. InTech.

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