kergp: Gaussian Process Laboratory

Gaussian Process models with customised covariance kernels.

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AuthorYves Deville, David Ginsbourger, Olivier Roustant. Contributors: Nicolas Durrande.
Date of publication2015-12-23 09:15:28
MaintainerYves Deville <>

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Man pages

checkX: Generic function to check the compatibility of a design...

checkX-methods: Check the compatibility of a design with a given covariance...

coefLower: Extract or set lower/upper bounds on coefficients

coef-methods: Extract coefficients of a covTS object as vector, list or...

coefReplace: Generic function for the replacement of coefficient values

covAll-class: Virtual class "covAll"

covMan: Creator function for covMan objects

covMan-class: Class '"covMan"'

covMat: Generic function returning a covariance or a cross-covariance...

covMat-methods: Covariance Matrix for a covariance kernel object

covTS: Creator function for covTS objects

covTS-class: Class '"covTS"'

gls: Generic function computing a Generalized Least Squares...

gls-methods: Generalized Least Squares estimation with a given covariance...

gp: Gaussian Process model Diagnostics for a Gaussian Process model, based on...

inputNames: Generic function returning the names of the inputs of a...

kergp-package: Gaussian Process Laboratory

kernelName: Name of the 1d kernel in a composite kernel object

MLE: Generic function for Maximum Likelihood estimation of a...

MLE-methods: Maximum Likelihood estimation of Gaussian Process model...

npar: Generic function returning the number of free parameters in a...

npar-methods: Number of parameters for a covariance kernel object

parMap: Generic function to map the parameters of a composite...

parMap-methods: Map the parameters of a structure on the inputs and kernel... Diagnostic plot for the validation of a 'gp' object Prediction method for the '"gp"' S3 class

scores: Generic function returning the scores for a covariance kernel...

shapeSlot: Extracts the slots of a structure

simulPar: Generic function to draw random values for the parameters of...


checkX Man page
checkX,covAll,matrix-method Man page
checkX,covAll-method Man page
checkX,covMan,matrix-method Man page
checkX,covTS,matrix-method Man page
coef<- Man page
coef,covMan-method Man page
coef<-,covMan,numeric-method Man page
coef,covTS-method Man page
coef<-,covTS,numeric-method Man page
coefLower Man page
coefLower<- Man page
coefLower<-,covMan-method Man page
coefLower,covMan-method Man page
coefLower<-,covTS-method Man page
coefLower,covTS-method Man page
coef-methods Man page
coef,methods Man page
coefUpper Man page
coefUpper<- Man page
coefUpper<-,covMan-method Man page
coefUpper,covMan-method Man page
coefUpper<-,covTS-method Man page
coefUpper,covTS-method Man page
coerce,covMan,function-method Man page
covAll-class Man page
covMan Man page
covMan-class Man page
covMat Man page
covMat,covMan-method Man page
covMat,covManVec-method Man page
covMat,covTS-method Man page
covMat-methods Man page
covTS Man page
covTS-class Man page
gls Man page
gls,covAll-method Man page
gls-methods Man page
gp Man page Man page
inputNames Man page
inputNames,covAll-method Man page
inputNames,covTS-method Man page
kergp Man page
kergp-package Man page
kernelName Man page
kernelName,covMan-method Man page
kernelName,covTS-method Man page
mle Man page
mle,covAll-method Man page
mle-methods Man page
npar Man page
npar,covAll-method Man page
npar,covMan-method Man page
npar,covTS-method Man page
npar-methods Man page
parMap Man page
parMap,covTS-method Man page Man page Man page
scores Man page
scores,covMan-method Man page
scores,covTS-method Man page
shapeSlot Man page
show,covMan-method Man page
show,covTS-method Man page
simulPar Man page
simulPar,covAll-method Man page
simulPar,covTS-method Man page

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