kernlab: Kernel-Based Machine Learning Lab

Kernel-based machine learning methods for classification, regression, clustering, novelty detection, quantile regression and dimensionality reduction. Among other methods 'kernlab' includes Support Vector Machines, Spectral Clustering, Kernel PCA, Gaussian Processes and a QP solver.

AuthorAlexandros Karatzoglou [aut, cre], Alex Smola [aut], Kurt Hornik [aut]
Date of publication2016-10-03 09:43:44
MaintainerAlexandros Karatzoglou <>

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Man pages

as.kernelMatrix: Assing kernelMatrix class to matrix objects

couple: Probabilities Coupling function

csi: Cholesky decomposition with Side Information

csi-class: Class "csi"

dots: Kernel Functions

gausspr: Gaussian processes for regression and classification

gausspr-class: Class "gausspr"

inchol: Incomplete Cholesky decomposition

inchol-class: Class "inchol"

income: Income Data

inlearn: Onlearn object initialization

ipop: Quadratic Programming Solver

ipop-class: Class "ipop"

kcca: Kernel Canonical Correlation Analysis

kcca-class: Class "kcca"

kernel-class: Class "kernel" "rbfkernel" "polykernel", "tanhkernel",...

kernelMatrix: Kernel Matrix functions

kfa: Kernel Feature Analysis

kfa-class: Class "kfa"

kha: Kernel Principal Components Analysis

kha-class: Class "kha"

kkmeans: Kernel k-means

kmmd: Kernel Maximum Mean Discrepancy.

kmmd-class: Class "kqr"

kpca: Kernel Principal Components Analysis

kpca-class: Class "kpca"

kqr: Kernel Quantile Regression.

kqr-class: Class "kqr"

ksvm: Support Vector Machines

ksvm-class: Class "ksvm"

lssvm: Least Squares Support Vector Machine

lssvm-class: Class "lssvm"

musk: Musk data set

onlearn: Kernel Online Learning algorithms

onlearn-class: Class "onlearn"

plot: plot method for support vector object

prc-class: Class "prc"

predict.gausspr: predict method for Gaussian Processes object

predict.kqr: Predict method for kernel Quantile Regression object

predict.ksvm: predict method for support vector object

promotergene: E. coli promoter gene sequences (DNA)

ranking: Ranking

ranking-class: Class "ranking"

reuters: Reuters Text Data

rvm: Relevance Vector Machine

rvm-class: Class "rvm"

sigest: Hyperparameter estimation for the Gaussian Radial Basis...

spam: Spam E-mail Database

specc: Spectral Clustering

specc-class: Class "specc"

spirals: Spirals Dataset

stringdot: String Kernel Functions

ticdata: The Insurance Company Data

vm-class: Class "vm"


alpha Man page
alpha,gausspr-method Man page
alphaindex Man page
alphaindex,gausspr-method Man page
alphaindex,kfa-method Man page
alphaindex,kqr-method Man page
alphaindex,ksvm-method Man page
alphaindex,lssvm-method Man page
alpha,kfa-method Man page
alpha,kqr-method Man page
alpha,ksvm-method Man page
alpha,lssvm-method Man page
alpha,onlearn-method Man page
alpha,rvm-method Man page
alpha,vm-method Man page
anovadot Man page
anovakernel-class Man page
as.kernelMatrix Man page
as.kernelMatrix,matrix-method Man page
as.kernelMatrix-methods Man page
Asymbound Man page
Asymbound,kmmd-method Man page
AsympH0 Man page
AsympH0,kmmd-method Man page
b Man page
besseldot Man page
besselkernel-class Man page
b,kqr-method Man page
b,ksvm-method Man page
b,lssvm-method Man page
b,onlearn-method Man page
buffer Man page
buffer,onlearn-method Man page
centers Man page
centers,specc-method Man page
coef,gausspr-method Man page
coef,kfa-method Man page
coef,kqr-method Man page
coef,ksvm-method Man page
coef,lssvm-method Man page
coef,rvm-method Man page
coef,vm-method Man page
convergence Man page
convergence,ranking-method Man page
couple Man page
cross Man page
cross,gausspr-method Man page
cross,kqr-method Man page
cross,ksvm-method Man page
cross,lssvm-method Man page
cross,rvm-method Man page
cross,vm-method Man page
csi Man page
csi-class Man page
csi,matrix-method Man page
csi-methods Man page
diagresidues Man page
diagresidues,csi-method Man page
diagresidues,inchol-method Man page
dots Man page
dual Man page
dual,ipop-method Man page
edgegraph Man page
edgegraph,ranking-method Man page
eig Man page
eig,kha-method Man page
eig,kpca-method Man page
eig,prc-method Man page
error Man page
error,gausspr-method Man page
error,kqr-method Man page
error,ksvm-method Man page
error,lssvm-method Man page
error,rvm-method Man page
error,vm-method Man page
eskm,kha-method Man page
fit,onlearn-method Man page
fitted,ksvm-method Man page
fitted,vm-method Man page
fourierdot Man page
fourierkernel-class Man page
gausspr Man page
gausspr-class Man page
gausspr,formula-method Man page
gausspr,matrix-method Man page
gausspr,vector-method Man page
H0 Man page
H0,kmmd-method Man page
how Man page
how,ipop-method Man page
inchol Man page
inchol-class Man page
inchol,matrix-method Man page
income Man page
inlearn Man page
inlearn,numeric-method Man page
ipop Man page
ipop,ANY,matrix-method Man page
ipop-class Man page
kcall Man page
kcall,gausspr-method Man page
kcall,kfa-method Man page
kcall,kha-method Man page
kcall,kpca-method Man page
kcall,kqr-method Man page
kcall,ksvm-method Man page
kcall,lssvm-method Man page
kcall,prc-method Man page
kcall,rvm-method Man page
kcall,vm-method Man page
kcca Man page
kcca-class Man page
kcca,matrix-method Man page
kcor Man page
kcor,kcca-method Man page
kernel-class Man page
kernelf Man page
kernelFast Man page
kernelFast,anovakernel-method Man page
kernelFast,besselkernel-method Man page
kernelFast,kernel-method Man page
kernelFast,laplacekernel-method Man page
kernelFast,polykernel-method Man page
kernelFast,rbfkernel-method Man page
kernelFast,splinekernel-method Man page
kernelFast,splinekernel-method Man page
kernelFast,stringkernel-method Man page
kernelFast,tanhkernel-method Man page
kernelFast,vanillakernel-method Man page
kernelf,gausspr-method Man page
kernelf,kfa-method Man page
kernelf,kha-method Man page
kernelf,kmmd-method Man page
kernelf,kpca-method Man page
kernelf,kqr-method Man page
kernelf,ksvm-method Man page
kernelf,lssvm-method Man page
kernelf,onlearn-method Man page
kernelf,prc-method Man page
kernelf,rvm-method Man page
kernelf,specc-method Man page
kernelf,vm-method Man page
kernelMatrix Man page
kernelMatrix,anovakernel-method Man page
kernelMatrix,besselkernel-method Man page
kernelMatrix-class Man page
kernelMatrix,kernel-method Man page
kernelMatrix,laplacekernel-method Man page
kernelMatrix,polykernel-method Man page
kernelMatrix,rbfkernel-method Man page
kernelMatrix,splinekernel-method Man page
kernelMatrix,stringkernel-method Man page
kernelMatrix,tanhkernel-method Man page
kernelMatrix,vanillakernel-method Man page
kernelMult Man page
kernelMult,anovakernel,ANY-method Man page
kernelMult,besselkernel,ANY-method Man page
kernelMult,character,kernelMatrix-method Man page
kernelMult,kernel-method Man page
kernelMult,laplacekernel,ANY-method Man page
kernelMult,polykernel,ANY-method Man page
kernelMult,rbfkernel,ANY-method Man page
kernelMult,splinekernel,ANY-method Man page
kernelMult,stringkernel,ANY-method Man page
kernelMult,tanhkernel,ANY-method Man page
kernelMult,vanillakernel,ANY-method Man page
kernelPol Man page
kernelPol,anovakernel-method Man page
kernelPol,besselkernel-method Man page
kernelPol,kernel-method Man page
kernelPol,laplacekernel-method Man page
kernelPol,polykernel-method Man page
kernelPol,rbfkernel-method Man page
kernelPol,splinekernel-method Man page
kernelPol,stringkernel-method Man page
kernelPol,tanhkernel-method Man page
kernelPol,vanillakernel-method Man page
kernels Man page
kfa Man page
kfa-class Man page
kfa,formula-method Man page
kfa,matrix-method Man page
kfunction Man page
kfunction-class Man page
kha Man page
kha-class Man page
kha,formula-method Man page
kha,matrix-method Man page
kkmeans Man page
kkmeans,formula-method Man page
kkmeans,kernelMatrix-method Man page
kkmeans,list-method Man page
kkmeans,matrix-method Man page
kmmd Man page
kmmd-class Man page
kmmd,kernelMatrix-method Man page
kmmd,list-method Man page
kmmd,matrix-method Man page
kpar Man page
kpar,gausspr-method Man page
kpar,kernel-method Man page
kpar,kqr-method Man page
kpar,ksvm-method Man page
kpar,lssvm-method Man page
kpar,onlearn-method Man page
kpar,rvm-method Man page
kpar,vm-method Man page
kpca Man page
kpca-class Man page
kpca,formula-method Man page
kpca,kernelMatrix-method Man page
kpca,list-method Man page
kpca,matrix-method Man page
kqr Man page
kqr-class Man page
kqr,formula-method Man page
kqr,kernelMatrix-method Man page
kqr,list-method Man page
kqr,matrix-method Man page
kqr,vector-method Man page
ksvm Man page
ksvm-class Man page
ksvm,formula-method Man page
ksvm,kernelMatrix-method Man page
ksvm,list-method Man page
ksvm,matrix-method Man page
ksvm,vector-method Man page
laplacedot Man page
laplacekernel-class Man page
lev Man page
lev,gausspr-method Man page
lev,ksvm-method Man page
lev,lssvm-method Man page
lev,rvm-method Man page
lev,vm-method Man page
lssvm Man page
lssvm-class Man page
lssvm,formula-method Man page
lssvm,kernelMatrix-method Man page
lssvm,list-method Man page
lssvm,matrix-method Man page
lssvm-methods Man page
lssvm,vector-method Man page
maxresiduals Man page
maxresiduals,csi-method Man page
maxresiduals,inchol-method Man page
mlike Man page
mlike,rvm-method Man page
mmdstats Man page
mmdstats,kmmd-method Man page
musk Man page
nSV Man page
nSV,ksvm-method Man page
nSV,lssvm-method Man page
nvar Man page
nvar,rvm-method Man page
obj Man page
obj,ksvm-method Man page
onlearn Man page
onlearn-class Man page
onlearn,onlearn-method Man page
param Man page
param,kqr-method Man page
param,ksvm-method Man page
param,lssvm-method Man page
pcv Man page
pcv,kha-method Man page
pcv,kpca-method Man page
pcv,prc-method Man page
pivots Man page
pivots,csi-method Man page
pivots,inchol-method Man page
plot.ksvm Man page
plot,ksvm-method Man page
plot,ksvm,missing-method Man page
polydot Man page
polykernel-class Man page
prc-class Man page
predgain Man page
predgain,csi-method Man page
predict.gausspr Man page
predict,gausspr-method Man page
predict,kfa-method Man page
predict,kha-method Man page
predict,kpca-method Man page
predict.kqr Man page
predict,kqr-method Man page
predict.ksvm Man page
predict,ksvm-method Man page
predict,lssvm-method Man page
predict,onlearn-method Man page
predict,rvm-method Man page
primal Man page
primal,ipop-method Man page
prior Man page
prior,ksvm-method Man page
prob.model Man page
prob.model,ksvm-method Man page
promotergene Man page
Q Man page
Q,csi-method Man page
R Man page
Radbound Man page
Radbound,kmmd-method Man page
ranking Man page
ranking-class Man page
ranking,kernelMatrix-method Man page
ranking,list-method Man page
ranking,matrix-method Man page
rbfdot Man page
rbfkernel-class Man page
R,csi-method Man page
reuters Man page
rho Man page
rho,onlearn-method Man page
rlabels Man page
rotated Man page
rotated,kpca-method Man page
RVindex Man page
RVindex,rvm-method Man page
rvm Man page
rvm-class Man page
rvm,formula-method Man page
rvm,kernelMatrix-method Man page
rvm,list-method Man page
rvm,matrix-method Man page
rvm-methods Man page
rvm,vector-method Man page
scaling Man page
scaling,gausspr-method Man page
scaling,kqr-method Man page
scaling,ksvm-method Man page
scaling,lssvm-method Man page
show Man page
show,gausspr-method Man page
show,kernel-method Man page
show,kfa-method Man page
show,kmmd-method Man page
show,kqr-method Man page
show,ksvm-method Man page
show,lssvm-method Man page
show,onlearn-method Man page
show,ranking-method Man page
show,rvm-method Man page
show,specc-method Man page
sigest Man page
sigest,formula-method Man page
sigest,matrix-method Man page
size Man page
size,specc-method Man page
spam Man page
specc Man page
specc-class Man page
specc,formula-method Man page
specc,kernelMatrix-method Man page
specc,list-method Man page
specc,matrix-method Man page
spirals Man page
splinedot Man page
splinekernel-class Man page
stringdot Man page
stringkernel-class Man page
SVindex Man page
SVindex,ksvm-method Man page
tanhdot Man page
tanhkernel-class Man page
ticdata Man page
truegain Man page
truegain,csi-method Man page
type Man page
type,gausspr-method Man page
type,ksvm-method Man page
type,lssvm-method Man page
type,onlearn-method Man page
type,rvm-method Man page
type,vm-method Man page
vanilladot Man page
vanillakernel-class Man page
vm-class Man page
withinss Man page
withinss,specc-method Man page
xcoef Man page
xcoef,kcca-method Man page
xmatrix Man page
xmatrix,gausspr-method Man page
xmatrix,kfa-method Man page
xmatrix,kha-method Man page
xmatrix,kpca-method Man page
xmatrix,kqr-method Man page
xmatrix,ksvm-method Man page
xmatrix,lssvm-method Man page
xmatrix,onlearn-method Man page
xmatrix,prc-method Man page
xmatrix,rvm-method Man page
xmatrix,vm-method Man page
xvar Man page
xvar,kcca-method Man page
ycoef Man page
ycoef,kcca-method Man page
ymatrix Man page
ymatrix,gausspr-method Man page
ymatrix,kqr-method Man page
ymatrix,ksvm-method Man page
ymatrix,lssvm-method Man page
ymatrix,rvm-method Man page
ymatrix,vm-method Man page
yvar Man page
yvar,kcca-method Man page


kernlab/R/kkmeans.R kernlab/R/gausspr.R kernlab/R/inchol.R kernlab/R/csi.R kernlab/R/lssvm.R kernlab/R/kcca.R kernlab/R/kmmd.R kernlab/R/kqr.R kernlab/R/onlearn.R kernlab/R/kha.R kernlab/R/aobjects.R kernlab/R/kpca.R kernlab/R/kernels.R kernlab/R/ranking.R kernlab/R/specc.R kernlab/R/kfa.R kernlab/R/sigest.R kernlab/R/kernelmatrix.R kernlab/R/couplers.R kernlab/R/ksvm.R kernlab/R/ipop.R kernlab/R/rvm.R
kernlab/man/rvm-class.Rd kernlab/man/onlearn.Rd kernlab/man/kqr.Rd kernlab/man/couple.Rd kernlab/man/kpca.Rd kernlab/man/spirals.Rd kernlab/man/predict.gausspr.Rd kernlab/man/kqr-class.Rd kernlab/man/kfa-class.Rd kernlab/man/kmmd.Rd kernlab/man/as.kernelMatrix.Rd kernlab/man/musk.Rd kernlab/man/csi.Rd kernlab/man/ksvm-class.Rd kernlab/man/csi-class.Rd kernlab/man/vm-class.Rd kernlab/man/ticdata.Rd kernlab/man/inlearn.Rd kernlab/man/prc-class.Rd kernlab/man/promotergene.Rd kernlab/man/stringdot.Rd kernlab/man/ranking.Rd kernlab/man/dots.Rd kernlab/man/kmmd-class.Rd kernlab/man/kha-class.Rd kernlab/man/rvm.Rd kernlab/man/spam.Rd kernlab/man/kernelMatrix.Rd kernlab/man/gausspr-class.Rd kernlab/man/onlearn-class.Rd kernlab/man/ranking-class.Rd kernlab/man/kernel-class.Rd kernlab/man/lssvm-class.Rd kernlab/man/kfa.Rd kernlab/man/ksvm.Rd kernlab/man/inchol.Rd kernlab/man/kha.Rd kernlab/man/kkmeans.Rd kernlab/man/kpca-class.Rd kernlab/man/ipop-class.Rd kernlab/man/reuters.Rd kernlab/man/inchol-class.Rd kernlab/man/kcca.Rd kernlab/man/kcca-class.Rd kernlab/man/ipop.Rd kernlab/man/lssvm.Rd kernlab/man/sigest.Rd kernlab/man/plot.Rd kernlab/man/specc-class.Rd kernlab/man/gausspr.Rd kernlab/man/income.Rd kernlab/man/specc.Rd kernlab/man/predict.ksvm.Rd kernlab/man/predict.kqr.Rd

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