Man pages for kernlab
Kernel-Based Machine Learning Lab

as.kernelMatrixAssing kernelMatrix class to matrix objects
coupleProbabilities Coupling function
csiCholesky decomposition with Side Information
csi-classClass "csi"
dotsKernel Functions
gaussprGaussian processes for regression and classification
gausspr-classClass "gausspr"
incholIncomplete Cholesky decomposition
inchol-classClass "inchol"
incomeIncome Data
inlearnOnlearn object initialization
ipopQuadratic Programming Solver
ipop-classClass "ipop"
kccaKernel Canonical Correlation Analysis
kcca-classClass "kcca"
kernel-classClass "kernel" "rbfkernel" "polykernel", "tanhkernel",...
kernelMatrixKernel Matrix functions
kfaKernel Feature Analysis
kfa-classClass "kfa"
khaKernel Principal Components Analysis
kha-classClass "kha"
kkmeansKernel k-means
kmmdKernel Maximum Mean Discrepancy.
kmmd-classClass "kqr"
kpcaKernel Principal Components Analysis
kpca-classClass "kpca"
kqrKernel Quantile Regression.
kqr-classClass "kqr"
ksvmSupport Vector Machines
ksvm-classClass "ksvm"
lssvmLeast Squares Support Vector Machine
lssvm-classClass "lssvm"
muskMusk data set
onlearnKernel Online Learning algorithms
onlearn-classClass "onlearn"
plotplot method for support vector object
prc-classClass "prc"
predict.gaussprpredict method for Gaussian Processes object
predict.kqrPredict method for kernel Quantile Regression object
predict.ksvmpredict method for support vector object
promotergeneE. coli promoter gene sequences (DNA)
ranking-classClass "ranking"
reutersReuters Text Data
rvmRelevance Vector Machine
rvm-classClass "rvm"
sigestHyperparameter estimation for the Gaussian Radial Basis...
spamSpam E-mail Database
speccSpectral Clustering
specc-classClass "specc"
spiralsSpirals Dataset
stringdotString Kernel Functions
ticdataThe Insurance Company Data
vm-classClass "vm"
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