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Income Data


Customer Income Data from a marketing survey.




A data frame with 14 categorical variables (8993 observations).

Explanation of the variable names:

1 INCOME annual income of household
(Personal income if single) ordinal
2 SEX sex nominal
3 MARITAL.STATUS marital status nominal
4 AGE age ordinal
5 EDUCATION educational grade ordinal
6 OCCUPATION type of work nominal
7 AREA how long the interviewed person has lived
in the San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose area ordinal
8 DUAL.INCOMES dual incomes (if married) nominal
9 HOUSEHOLD.SIZE persons living in the household ordinal
10 UNDER18 persons in household under 18 ordinal
11 HOUSEHOLDER householder status nominal
12 HOME.TYPE type of home nominal
13 ETHNIC.CLASS ethnic classification nominal
14 LANGUAGE language most often spoken at home nominal


A total of N=9409 questionnaires containing 502 questions were filled out by shopping mall customers in the San Francisco Bay area. The dataset is an extract from this survey. It consists of 14 demographic attributes. The dataset is a mixture of nominal and ordinal variables with a lot of missing data. The goal is to predict the Anual Income of Household from the other 13 demographics attributes.


Impact Resources, Inc., Columbus, OH (1987).

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