Man pages for keyholder
Store Data About Rows

key-by-scopedKey by selection of variables
keyed-dfKeyed object
keyed-df-one-tblOne-table verbs from dplyr for keyed_df
keyed-df-two-tblTwo-table verbs from dplyr for keyed_df
keyholder-idAdd id column and key
keyholder-packagekeyholder: Store Data About Rows
keyholder-scopedOperate on a selection of keys
keyholder-supported-funsSupported functions
keys-getGet keys
keys-manipulateManipulate keys
keys-setSet keys
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
remove-keys-scopedRemove selection of keys
rename-keys-scopedRename selection of keys
restore-keys-scopedRestore selection of keys
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