lakemorpho: Lake Morphometry Metrics in R

Lake morphometry metrics are used by limnologists to understand, among other things, the ecological processes in a lake. Traditionally, these metrics are calculated by hand, with planimeters, and increasingly with commercial GIS products. All of these methods work; however, they are either outdated, difficult to reproduce, or require expensive licenses to use. The lakemorpho package provides the tools to calculate a typical suite of these metrics from an input elevation model and lake polygon. The metrics currently supported are: fetch, major axis, minor axis, maximum length, maximum width, mean width,maximum depth, mean depth, shoreline development, shoreline length, surface area, and volume.

AuthorJeffrey W. Hollister [aut, cre], Joseph Stachelek [ctb]
Date of publication2016-12-27 19:51:31
MaintainerJeffrey W. Hollister <>

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calcLakeMetrics Man page
exampleElev Man page
exampleLake Man page
inputLM Man page
lakeFetch Man page
lakeMajorAxisLength Man page
lakeMaxDepth Man page
lakeMaxLength Man page
lakeMaxWidth Man page
lakeMeanDepth Man page
lakeMeanWidth Man page
lakeMinorAxisLength Man page
lakeMinorMajorRatio Man page
lakemorpho Man page
lakeMorphoClass Man page
lakeShorelineDevelopment Man page
lakeShorelineLength Man page
lakeSurfaceArea Man page
lakeSurroundTopo Man page
lakeVolume Man page
plot.lakeMorpho Man page

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