lakeMaxWidth: Function to find line representing maximum lake Width

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Maximum lake width is defined as the maximum in lake distance that is perpendicular to the maximum lake length. As no definition specifies whether or not the maximum lake width should intersect the line of maximum legnth, this function assumes that it does not, but may be forced to find the maximum width line the is perpendicular to and intersects with the maximum lake length line. This function calculates the equation of the perpendicular line and repeats that line pointDensnumber of times and returns the longest of those lines.


lakeMaxWidth(inLakeMorpho, pointDens, intersect = FALSE, addLine = T)



An object of lakeMorphoClass. Output of the lakeSurroundTopo function would be appropriate as input


Number of points to place equidistant along the lakeMaxLength. A line that crosses at that point and extends from shore to shore is calcuated.


Boolean to force max width to intersect the max length line. for many lakes this will return the same line.


Boolean to determine if the selected max length line should be added to the inLakeMorpho object. Defaults to True


Returns a numeric value indicating the length of the longest line perpndicular to the maximum length line.


Florida LAKEWATCH (2001). A Beginner's guide to water management - Lake Morphometry (2nd ed.). Gainesville: Florida LAKEWATCH, Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. Link



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