lakeMaxDepth: Estimate maximum lake depth

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This function uses slope and distance to estimate max depth. This is based on the assumption that the slope of the surrounding topography is similar to the bathymetry of the lake (Hollister et. al 2011).


lakeMaxDepth(inLakeMorpho, correctFactor = 1)



An object of lakeMorphoClass. Output of the lakeSurroundTopo function would be appropriate as input


Value used to correct the predicted maximum lake depth. Defaults to 1. Corrections are simply accomplished by multiplying estimated max depth by correction factor. Correction factors can be determined empirically by regressing the predicted depth against a known maximum depth while forcing the intercept through zero. The slope of the line would then be used as the correction factor(Hollister et. al, 2011).


Returns a numeric value of the predicited maximum depth


Hollister, J. W., W.B. Milstead, M.A. Urrutia (2011). Predicting Maximum Lake Depth from Surrounding Topography. PLoS ONE 6(9). link

Florida LAKEWATCH (2001). A Beginner's guide to water management - Lake Morphometry (2nd ed.). Gainesville: Florida LAKEWATCH, Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. Link



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