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Analyzing Linguistic Data: A Practical Introduction to Statistics

acf.fncAutocorrelation trellis graph
affixProductivityAffix productivity
aliceAlice's Adventures in Wonderland
aovlmer.fncCompute p-values for factors in mixed models
auxiliariesAuxiliaries for regular and irregular verbs in Dutch
beginningReadersVisual lexical decision with beginning readers
collin.fncCalculate condition number with intercept included
compare.richness.fncCompare Lexical Richness of Two Texts
corres-classClass "corres"
corres.fncCorrespondence Analysis
corresInitInitialize correspondence object
corsup.fncSupplementary rows or columns in correspondence analysis
danishDanish auditory lexical decision
dativeDative Alternation
dativeSimplifiedDative Alternation - simplified data set
degreesOrKnots.fncExtract degree of polynomial or knots for restricted cubic...
durationsGeDurational measurements on the Dutch prefix ge-
durationsOntDurational measurements on the Dutch prefix ont-
dutchSpeakersDistCross-entropy based distances between speakers
dutchSpeakersDistMetaMetadata for dutchSpeakersDist
englishEnglish visual lexical decision and naming latencies
etymologyEtymological age and regularity in Dutch
fazFrankfurter frequencies
finalDevoicingFinal Devoicing in Dutch
getKnots.fncExtracts knots from variable name
getMCMCintervals.fnccalculate HPD prediction intervals
getPos.fncdetermine position for labels for interaction plots
getRange.fncExtracts range of predicted values from list of data frames
getRoot.fncextract simple name of predictor from expression with poly
growth2vgc.fncConversion of growth object into a vgc object
growth-classClass "growth"
growth.fncCalculate vocabulary growth curve and vocabulary richness...
growthInitInitialize a vocabulary growth object.
havelaarThe determiner 'het' in the Dutch novel Max Havelaar
head.growthReturns first rows of a growth object.
heidLexical decision latencies for words ending in -heid
herdan.fncHerdan's C
imagingfMRI Filtered Signal and Priming Scores for Brain-Damaged...
implementInteractions.fncimplement interactions in the model matrix
item.fncFunction for by-item regression used by...
items.quasif.fncBy-item anova for simulated data for quasi-F analysis
lags.fncCalculate vector at specified lag
languageR-packageData sets and functions for 'Analyzing Linguistic Data'
latinsquareSimulated Latin Square data set with subjects and items
lexdecLexical decision latencies for 79 English nouns
lexicalMeasuresLexical measures for 2233 English monomorphemic words
lexicalMeasuresClassesClassification of lexical measures
lmerPlotInt.fncPlot the interaction of two linear numeric predictors in a...
makeDefaultMatrix.fncCreate model matrix with main effects only
make.reg.fncMake a simulated data set with regression design
makeSplineData.fncgenerate simulated data set with nonlinear function
mobyMoby Dick
mvrnormplot.fncScatterplot of bivariate standard normal distribution
nesscgFrequency spectrum for -ness in the demographic BNC
nessdemogFrequency spectrum for -ness in the context-governed BNC
nesswFrequency spectrum for -ness in the written BNC
oldFrenchFrequencies of tag trigrams in Old French texts
oldFrenchMetaMeta data for the oldFrench data
ozThe Wonderful Wizard of Oz
pairscorScatterplot matrix with correlations
parsePredName.fncparse character string specifying restricted cubic spline
periphrasticDoThe development of periphrastic do in English
phylogenyPhylogenetic relations between Papuan and Oceanic languages
plotAll.fnccreate plot or plots for list with data frames for plot or...
plot.corresPlot method for correspondence objects
plot.growthPlot method for growth objects
plotLMER.fncplot a mer object for goodness of fit of logistic regression
preparePredictor.fncdetermine X and Y values for a given (sub)plot
primingHeidPrimed lexical decision latencies for neologisms ending in...
primingHeidPrevRTPrimed lexical decision latencies for neologisms ending in...
print.corresPrint method for correspondence object
print.growthPrint method for growth objects.
pvals.fncCompute p-values and MCMC confidence intervals for mixed...
quasifSimulated data set with subjects and items requiring quasi-F...
quasiF.fncQuasi-F test
quasiFsim.fncQuasi-F test for specific simple design
ratingsRatings for 81 English nouns
regularityRegular and irregular Dutch verbs
selfPacedReadingHeidSelf-paced reading latencies for Dutch neologisms
shadenormal.fncShade rejection region for normal probability density...
show.growthPlot method for growth objects.
shrinkageData set illustrating shrinkage
simulateLatinsquare.fncSimulate simple Latin Square data and compare models
simulateQuasif.fncSimulate data for quasi-F analysis and compare models
simulateRegression.fncSimulate regression data and compare models
sizeRatingsSize ratings for 81 English concrete nouns
spanishRelative frequencies of tag trigrams is selected Spanish...
spanishFunctionWordsRelative frequencies of function words in selected Spanish...
spanishMetaMetadata for the spanish and spanishFunctionWords data sets
spectrum.fncFrequency spectrum from text vector
splitplotSimulated data set with split plot design
subjects.latinsquare.fncBy-subject analysis of simple Latin Square data sets
subjects.quasif.fncBy-subject analysis of data sets requiring quasi-F ratios
summary.corresSummarize a correspondence object
summary.growthSummary method for growth objects
tail.growthShow last rows of growth object.
text2spc.fncCreate a frequency spectrum from a text vector
throughThrough the Looking Glass
transforming.fnctransform vector according to specified function
twenteFrequency spectrum for the Twente News Corpus
variationLijkVariation in spoken Dutch in the use of the suffix -lijk
verThe Dutch prefix ver-: semantic transparency and frequency
verbsDative Alternation - simplified data set
warlpiriErgative case marking in Warlpiri
weightRatingsSubjective estimates of the weight of the referents of 81...
writtenVariationLijkVariation in written Dutch in the use of the suffix -lijk
xylowess.fncTrellis scatterplot with smoothers
yule.fncYule's characteristic constant K
zipf.fncZipf's rank frequency distribution
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