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A Framework for Clustering Longitudinal Data

APPAAverage posterior probability of assignment (APPA) lcMethod arguments to a list of atomic types a list of lcMethod objects to a data.frame a data.frame containing the argument values per...
as.lcMethodsConvert a list of lcMethod objects to a lcMethods list
as.lcModelsConvert a list of lcModels to a lcModels list
as.list.lcMethodExtract the method arguments as a list
assertlatrend-specific assertions
clusterNamesGet the cluster names
clusterNames-setUpdate the cluster names
clusterProportionsProportional size of each cluster
clusterSizesNumber of trajectories per cluster
clusterTrajectoriesExtract cluster trajectories
coef.lcModelExtract lcModel coefficients
compose'lcMethod' estimation step: compose an lcMethod object
confusionMatrixCompute the posterior confusion matrix
convergedCheck model convergence
createTestDataFoldCreate the test fold data for validation
createTestDataFoldsCreate all k test folds from the training data
createTrainDataFoldsCreate the training data for each of the k models in k-fold...
defineExternalMetricDefine an external metric for lcModels
defineInternalMetricDefine an internal metric for lcModels
deviance.lcModellcModel deviance
df.residual.lcModelExtract the residual degrees of freedom from a lcModel
dot-defineInternalDistanceMetricsDefine the distance metrics for multiple types at once
dot-guessResponseVariableGuess the response variable
dot-trajSubsetSelect trajectories
estimationTimeEstimation time
evaluate.lcMethodSubstitute the call arguments for their evaluated values
externalMetricCompute external model metric(s)
fit'lcMethod' estimation step: logic for fitting the method to...
fitted.lcModelExtract lcModel fitted values
fittedTrajectoriesExtract the fitted trajectories
formula.lcMethodExtract formula
formula.lcModelExtract the formula of a lcModel
generateLongDataGenerate longitudinal test data
getArgumentDefaultsDefault argument values for the given method specification
getArgumentExclusionsArguments to be excluded from the specification
getCall.lcModelGet the model call
getCitationGet citation info
getExternalMetricDefinitionGet the external metric definition
getExternalMetricNamesGet the names of the available external metrics
getInternalMetricDefinitionGet the internal metric definition
getInternalMetricNamesGet the names of the available internal metrics
getLabelObject label
getLcMethodGet the method specification
getNameObject name
idsGet the trajectory ids on which the model was fitted
idVariableExtract the trajectory identifier variable
indexyRetrieve and evaluate a lcMethod argument by name
initialize-lcMethod-methodlcMethod initialization
interface-akmedoidsakmedoids interface
interface-crimCVcrimCV interface
interface-customfunction interface
interface-dtwclustdtwclust interface
interface-featureBasedfeatureBased interface
interface-flexmixflexmix interface
interface-funFEMfunFEM interface
interface-kmlkml interface
interface-lcmmlcmm interface
interface-mclustmclust interface
interface-metaMethodslcMetaMethod abstract class
interface-mixAKmixAK interface
interface-mixtoolsmixtools interface
interface-mixtvemmixtvem interface
isCheck if object is of Class
isArgDefinedCheck whether the argument of a lcMethod has a defined value.
latrendCluster longitudinal data using the specified method
latrend-approachesHigh-level approaches to longitudinal clustering
latrendBatchCluster longitudinal data for a list of method specifications
latrendBootCluster longitudinal data using bootstrapping
latrendCVCluster longitudinal data over k folds
latrend-dataLongitudinal dataset representation
latrendDataArtificial longitudinal dataset comprising three classes
latrend-estimationOverview of *'lcMethod'* estimation functions
latrend-genericsGenerics used by latrend for different classes
latrend-methodsSupported methods for longitudinal clustering
latrend-packagelatrend: A Framework for Clustering Longitudinal Data
latrend-parallelParallel computation using latrend
latrendRepCluster longitudinal data repeatedly
lcApproxModel-classlcApproxModel class
lcFitMethodsMethod fit modifiers
lcMethodAkmedoidsSpecify AKMedoids method
lcMethod-classlcMethod class
lcMethodCrimCVSpecify a zero-inflated repeated-measures GBTM method
lcMethodDtwclustSpecify time series clustering via dtwclust
lcMethod-estimationLongitudinal cluster method ('lcMethod') estimation procedure
lcMethodFeatureFeature-based clustering
lcMethodFlexmixMethod interface to flexmix()
lcMethodFlexmixGBTMGroup-based trajectory modeling using flexmix
lcMethodFunctionSpecify a custom method based on a function
lcMethodFunFEMSpecify a FunFEM method
lcMethodGCKMTwo-step clustering through latent growth curve modeling and...
lcMethodKMLSpecify a longitudinal k-means (KML) method
lcMethodLcmmGBTMSpecify GBTM method
lcMethodLcmmGMMSpecify GMM method using lcmm
lcMethodLMKMTwo-step clustering through linear regression modeling and...
lcMethodMclustLLPALongitudinal latent profile analysis
lcMethodMixAK_GLMMSpecify a GLMM iwht a normal mixture in the random effects
lcMethodMixtoolsGMMSpecify mixed mixture regression model using mixtools
lcMethodMixtoolsNPRMSpecify non-parametric estimation for independent repeated...
lcMethodMixTVEMSpecify a MixTVEM
lcMethodRandomSpecify a random-partitioning method
lcMethodsGenerate a list of lcMethod objects
lcMethodStratifySpecify a stratification method
lcModelLongitudinal cluster result (*'lcModel'*)
lcModel-class'lcModel' class
lcModel-data-filtersData filters for lcModel
lcModel-makeCluster-handling functions for lcModel implementations.
lcModelPartitionCreate a lcModel with pre-defined partitioning
lcModelsConstruct a list of 'lcModel' objects
lcModels-class'lcModels': a list of 'lcModel' objects
lcModelWeightedPartitionCreate a lcModel with pre-defined weighted partitioning
logLik.lcModelExtract the log-likelihood of a lcModel matching with defaults and parent ellipsis expansion
max.lcModelsSelect the lcModel with the highest metric value
meanNAMean ignoring NAs
metricCompute internal model metric(s)
min.lcModelsSelect the lcModel with the lowest metric value
model.dataExtract the model training data the model data that was used for fitting
model.frame.lcModelExtract model training data
names-lcMethod-methodlcMethod argument names
nClustersNumber of clusters
nIdsNumber of trajectories
nobs.lcModelNumber of observations used for the lcModel fit
OCCOdds of correct classification (OCC)
PAP.adhWeekly Mean PAP Therapy Usage of OSA Patients in the First 3...
PAP.adh1yBiweekly Mean PAP Therapy Adherence of OSA Patients over 1...
plotClusterTrajectoriesPlot cluster trajectories
plotFittedTrajectoriesPlot the fitted trajectories
plot-lcModel-methodPlot a lcModel
plot-lcModels-methodGrid plot for a list of models
plotMetricPlot one or more internal metrics for all lcModels
plotTrajectoriesPlot the data trajectories
postFit'lcMethod' estimation step: logic for post-processing the...
postprobPosterior probability per fitted trajectory
postprobFromAssignmentsCreate a posterior probability matrix from a vector of...
postProbFromObsCompute the id-specific postprob matrix from a given...
predictAssignmentsPredict the cluster assignments for new trajectories
predictForClusterPredict trajectories conditional on cluster membership
predict.lcModellcModel predictions
predictPostprobPosterior probability for new data
preFit'lcMethod' estimation step: method preparation logic
prepareData'lcMethod' estimation step: logic for preparing the training...
print.lcMethodPrint the arguments of an lcMethod object
print.lcModelsPrint lcModels list concisely
qqPlotQuantile-quantile plot
residuals.lcModelExtract lcModel residuals
responseVariableExtract response variable
sigma.lcModelExtract residual standard deviation from a lcModel
stripReduce the memory footprint of an object for serialization
subset.lcModelsSubsetting a lcModels list based on method arguments
summary.lcModelSummarize a lcModel
testTest a condition
test.latrendTest the implementation of an lcMethod and associated lcModel...
time.lcModelSampling times of a lcModel
timeVariableExtract the time variable
trajectoriesGet the trajectories
trajectoryAssignmentsGet the cluster membership of each trajectory
transformFittedHelper function for custom lcModel classes implementing...
transformPredictHelper function for custom lcModel classes implementing...
tsframeConvert a multiple time series matrix to a data.frame
tsmatrixConvert a longitudinal data.frame to a matrix
update.lcMethodUpdate a method specification
update.lcModelUpdate a lcModel
validate'lcMethod' estimation step: method argument validation logic
weighted.meanNAWeighted arithmetic mean ignoring NAs
which.weightSample an index of a vector weighted by the elements
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