Man pages for latticeDensity
Density Estimation and Nonparametric Regression on Irregular Regions

addObservationsInput observations for use in the lattice-based density...
addQuantVarInput data for Nonparametric Regression smoothing.
areaRegionComputes area of a region
areaRegionExampleA region with two holes
createDensityGenerates a density using random walks on a lattice.
createNparRegPerforms nonparametric regression on irregular regions.
crossvalDensityUBC crossvalidation for the lattice-based density estimator.
crossvalNparRegCrossvalidation for non-parametric regression.
deletedResidDeleted residuls for non-parametric regression.
editLatticeAdd or remove links in the lattice
formLatticeBuilds a neighbor structure on the nodes.
homerangeProduces a homerange map.
makeTmatrixCreate the transition matrix for the diffusion.
nodeFillingProduces a grid of locations inside the region boundary.
nparExampleExample boundary with a grid of locations
plot.densityOutPlot the density map
plot.formLatticeOutputPlot the lattice.
plot.nodeFillingOutputPlot a nodeFillingOutput object.
plot.NparRegOutPlot the non-parametric regression surface.
plot.varianceMapOutPlot the standard error map.
polygon1Example boundary with causeway
predict.NparRegOutPredictions at data locations from lattice-based...
removeHoleRemoves holes from the region prior to density estimation.
TkpCompute the vector T^k*p
varianceMapSpatial variance for the regression smoother.
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