lavaan: Latent Variable Analysis

Fit a variety of latent variable models, including confirmatory factor analysis, structural equation modeling and latent growth curve models.

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AuthorYves Rosseel [aut, cre], Daniel Oberski [ctb], Jarrett Byrnes [ctb], Leonard Vanbrabant [ctb], Victoria Savalei [ctb], Ed Merkle [ctb], Michael Hallquist [ctb], Mijke Rhemtulla [ctb], Myrsini Katsikatsou [ctb], Mariska Barendse [ctb], Michael Chow [ctb], Terrence Jorgensen [ctb]
Date of publication2017-02-24 23:28:29
MaintainerYves Rosseel <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

bootstrap: Bootstrapping a Lavaan Model

cfa: Fit Confirmatory Factor Analysis Models

Demo.growth: Demo dataset for a illustrating a linear growth model.

estfun: Extract Empirical Estimating Functions

FacialBurns: Dataset for illustrating the InformativeTesting function.

fitMeasures: Fit Measures for a Latent Variable Model

fsr: Factor Score Regression

getCov: Utility Functions For Covariance Matrices

growth: Fit Growth Curve Models

HolzingerSwineford1939: Holzinger and Swineford Dataset (9 Variables)

InformativeTesting: Testing order/inequality Constrained Hypotheses in SEM

inspectSampleCov: Observed Variable Correlation Matrix from a Model and Data

lavaan: Fit a Latent Variable Model

lavaan-class: Class For Representing A (Fitted) Latent Variable Model

lavaan-deprecated: Deprecated Functions in the lavaan package

lavaanList: Fit List of Latent Variable Models

lavaanList-class: Class For Representing A List of (Fitted) Latent Variable...

lav_constraints: Utility Functions: Constraints

lavCor: Polychoric, polyserial and Pearson correlations

lavExport: lavaan Export

lav_func: Utility Functions: Gradient and Jacobian

lavInspect: Inspect or extract information from a fitted lavaan object

lavListInspect: Inspect or extract information from a lavaanList object

lav_matrix: Utility Functions: Matrices and Vectors

lavMatrixRepresentation: lavaan matrix representation

lav_model: lavaan model functions

lavNames: lavaan Names

lavOptions: lavaan Options

lav_partable: lavaan partable functions

lavParTable: Parameter Table

lavPredict: Predict the values of latent variables (and their...

lavTables: lavaan frequency tables

lavTablesFit: Pairwise maximum likelihood fit statistics

lavTestLRT: LRT test

lavTestScore: Score test

lavTestWald: Wald test

model.syntax: The Lavaan Model Syntax

modificationIndices: Modification Indices

mplus2lavaan: mplus to lavaan converter

mplus2lavaan.modelSyntax: Convert Mplus model syntax to lavaan

parameterEstimates: Parameter Estimates

plot.InformativeTesting: Methods for output InformativeTesting()

PoliticalDemocracy: Industrialization And Political Democracy Dataset

sem: Fit Structural Equation Models

simulateData: Simulate Data From a Lavaan Model Syntax

standardizedSolution: Standardized Solution

varTable: Variable Table


anova Man page
anova,lavaan-method Man page
bootstrapLavaan Man page
bootstrapLRT Man page
cfa Man page
cfaList Man page
char2num Man page
coef,lavaanList-method Man page
coef,lavaan-method Man page
commutationMatrix Man page
cor2cov Man page
Demo.growth Man page
duplicationMatrix Man page
estfun.lavaan Man page
FacialBurns Man page
fitindices Man page
fitmeasures Man page
fitMeasures Man page
fitmeasures,lavaan-method Man page
fitMeasures,lavaan-method Man page
fitted,lavaan-method Man page
fitted.values,lavaan-method Man page
fsr Man page
getCov Man page
growth Man page
HolzingerSwineford1939 Man page
informativetesting Man page
InformativeTesting Man page
inspect Man page
inspectSampleCov Man page
lavaan Man page
lavaan-class Man page
lavaan-deprecated Man page
lavaanify Man page
lavaanList Man page
lavaanList-class Man page
lavaanNames Man page
lav_constraints_parse Man page
lavCor Man page
lavExport Man page
lav_func_gradient_complex Man page
lav_func_gradient_simple Man page
lav_func_jacobian_complex Man page
lav_func_jacobian_simple Man page
lavImport Man page
lavInspect Man page
lavListInspect Man page
lavListTech Man page
lavLRT Man page
lavLRTTest Man page
lav_matrix_antidiag_idx Man page
lav_matrix_bdiag Man page
lav_matrix_commutation Man page
lav_matrix_commutation_mn_pre Man page
lav_matrix_commutation_pre Man page
lav_matrix_diagh_idx Man page
lav_matrix_diag_idx Man page
lav_matrix_duplication Man page
lav_matrix_duplication_ginv Man page
lav_matrix_duplication_ginv_post Man page
lav_matrix_duplication_ginv_pre Man page
lav_matrix_duplication_ginv_pre_post Man page
lav_matrix_duplication_post Man page
lav_matrix_duplication_pre Man page
lav_matrix_duplication_pre_post Man page
lav_matrix_lower2full Man page
lav_matrix_orthogonal_complement Man page
lavMatrixRepresentation Man page
lav_matrix_symmetric_sqrt Man page
lav_matrix_trace Man page
lav_matrix_upper2full Man page
lav_matrix_vec Man page
lav_matrix_vech Man page
lav_matrix_vech_col_idx Man page
lav_matrix_vech_idx Man page
lav_matrix_vechr Man page
lav_matrix_vech_reverse Man page
lav_matrix_vechr_idx Man page
lav_matrix_vech_row_idx Man page
lav_matrix_vechr_reverse Man page
lav_matrix_vechru Man page
lav_matrix_vechru_idx Man page
lav_matrix_vechru_reverse Man page
lav_matrix_vechu Man page
lav_matrix_vechu_idx Man page
lav_matrix_vechu_reverse Man page
lav_matrix_vecr Man page
lav_model_get_parameters Man page
lav_model_implied Man page
lav_model_set_parameters Man page
lav_model_vcov_se Man page
lavNames Man page
lavoptions Man page
lavOptions Man page
lavParseModelString Man page
lavpartable Man page
lavPartable Man page
lavParTable Man page
lav_partable_attributes Man page
lav_partable_complete Man page
lav_partable_constraints_ceq Man page
lav_partable_constraints_ciq Man page
lav_partable_constraints_def Man page
lav_partable_df Man page
lav_partable_from_lm Man page
lav_partable_independence Man page
lav_partable_labels Man page
lav_partable_merge Man page
lav_partable_ndat Man page
lav_partable_npar Man page
lav_partable_unrestricted Man page
lavpredict Man page
lavPredict Man page
lavScores Man page
lavScoreTest Man page
lavTables Man page
lavTablesFitCf Man page
lavTablesFitCm Man page
lavTablesFitCp Man page
lavTech Man page
lavtestLRT Man page
lavTestLRT Man page
lavtestscore Man page
lavTestScore Man page
lavtestwald Man page
lavTestWald Man page
lavWaldTest Man page
logLik,lavaan-method Man page
lower2full Man page
LRT Man page
model.syntax Man page
modificationindices Man page
modificationIndices Man page
modindices Man page
mplus2lavaan Man page
mplus2lavaan.modelSyntax Man page
nobs Man page
nobs,lavaan-method Man page
parameterestimates Man page
parameterEstimates Man page
parametertable Man page
parameterTable Man page
parseModelString Man page
partable Man page
parTable Man page
plot.InformativeTesting Man page
PoliticalDemocracy Man page
predict,lavaan-method Man page
print.InformativeTesting Man page
resid,lavaan-method Man page
residuals,lavaan-method Man page
score Man page
Score Man page
sem Man page
semList Man page
show,lavaan-method Man page
simulateData Man page
sqrtSymmetricMatrix Man page
standardizedsolution Man page
standardizedSolution Man page
summary,lavaanList-method Man page
summary,lavaan-method Man page
update,lavaan-method Man page
upper2full Man page
variabletable Man page
variableTable Man page
vartable Man page
varTable Man page
vcov,lavaan-method Man page
vech Man page
vechr Man page
vech.reverse Man page
vechr.reverse Man page
vechru Man page
vechru.reverse Man page
vechu Man page
vechu.reverse Man page
wald Man page
Wald Man page


tests/testthat/helper-skip_level.R tests/testthat/test-skip_example.R tests/testthat/test-lav_mvnorm.R tests/testthat/test-lav_matrix.R
R/ctr_pairwise_table.R R/ctr_pml_utils.R R/lav_export.R R/lav_standardize.R R/lav_partable_subset.R R/lav_partable_flat.R R/lav_samplestats.R R/lav_func_deriv.R R/lav_test_satorra_bentler.R R/lav_print.R R/lav_partable_utils.R R/lav_dataframe.R R/xxx_prelav.R R/zzz_OLDNAMES.R R/lav_pearson.R R/lav_model_objective.R R/ctr_pml_plrt.R R/ctr_mplus2lavaan.R R/lav_samplestats_igamma.R R/lav_object_inspect.R R/lav_test_score.R R/lav_representation.R R/lav_samplestats_step1.R R/lav_export_mplus.R R/lav_samplestats_gamma.R R/lav_partable_complete.R R/lav_mvnorm_missing.R R/ctr_pml_doubly_robust_utils.R R/lav_mvnorm_h1.R R/lav_model_compute.R R/lav_lavaanList_inspect.R R/lav_export_bugs.R R/lav_model_information.R R/lav_norm.R R/ctr_pml_plrt2.R R/lav_model_hessian.R R/lav_cor.R R/lav_samplestats_wls_obs.R R/lav_objective.R R/lav_start.R R/lav_partable_check.R R/lav_options.R R/lav_probit.R R/lav_residuals.R R/lav_samplestats_step2.R R/lav_model_implied.R R/ctr_pml_plrt_nested.R R/lav_ols.R R/01RefClass_00lavRefModel.R R/lav_polyserial.R R/lav_partable_full.R R/00class.R R/lav_utils.R R/lav_lavaanList_simulate.R R/lav_fit_measures.R R/lav_partable_constraints.R R/lav_binorm.R R/lav_model_gradient_mml.R R/lav_mplus.R R/xxx_fsr.R R/ctr_modelcov.R R/lav_matrix.R R/lav_samplestats_icov.R R/lav_lavaanList_multipleGroups.R R/01RefClass_01lavOptim.R R/lav_partable_unrestricted.R R/lav_predict.R R/lav_integrate.R R/lav_model.R R/lav_syntax_independence.R R/lav_partable_merge.R R/lav_partable_labels.R R/lav_simulate.R R/lav_partable_attributes.R R/lav_graphics.R R/lav_object_generate.R R/01RefClass_02lavML.R R/lav_representation_lisrel.R R/lav_model_wls.R R/lav_nlminb_constr.R R/xxx_lavaanList.R R/lav_mvnorm_missing_h1.R R/lav_muthen1984.R R/lav_syntax.R R/lav_fiml.R R/lav_modification.R R/lav_lavaanList_methods.R R/lav_object_methods.R R/lav_model_gradient_pml.R R/lav_lavaanList_multipleImputation.R R/lavaan-deprecated.R R/lav_fit.R R/lav_model_utils.R R/lav_model_vcov.R R/lav_prelis.R R/lav_polychor.R R/lav_partable_independence.R R/lav_constraints.R R/lav_model_gradient.R R/lav_bootstrap.R R/lav_partable_from_lm.R R/lav_test_LRT.R R/lav_object_post_check.R R/lav_fabin.R R/lav_partable.R R/00generic.R R/lav_test.R R/xxx_lavaan.R R/ctr_estfun.R R/lav_mvnorm.R R/lav_bootstrap_lrt.R R/lav_tables.R R/lav_test_diff.R R/lav_mvreg.R R/lav_partable_vnames.R R/lav_model_estimate.R R/zzz.R R/lav_test_Wald.R R/ctr_informative_testing.R R/lav_model_lik.R R/lav_tables_mvb.R R/ctr_pairwise_fit.R R/lav_data.R R/lav_fsr_croon.R
man/lav_model.Rd man/sem.Rd man/lavTestLRT.Rd man/bootstrap.Rd man/lavTestScore.Rd man/HolzingerSwineford1939.Rd man/model.syntax.Rd man/lav_func.Rd man/lavTestWald.Rd man/lavTables.Rd man/lavParTable.Rd man/lav_matrix.Rd man/lav_partable.Rd man/standardizedSolution.Rd man/lavExport.Rd man/lavOptions.Rd man/Demo.growth.Rd man/InformativeTesting.Rd man/parameterEstimates.Rd man/estfun.Rd man/fsr.Rd man/lavaan.Rd man/lavaan-deprecated.Rd man/lavaanList-class.Rd man/PoliticalDemocracy.Rd man/lavCor.Rd man/lavInspect.Rd man/lavPredict.Rd man/plot.InformativeTesting.Rd man/growth.Rd man/fitMeasures.Rd man/getCov.Rd man/mplus2lavaan.modelSyntax.Rd man/lav_constraints.Rd man/lavNames.Rd man/inspectSampleCov.Rd man/mplus2lavaan.Rd man/cfa.Rd man/lavaan-class.Rd man/lavaanList.Rd man/simulateData.Rd man/lavTablesFit.Rd man/modificationIndices.Rd man/FacialBurns.Rd man/lavListInspect.Rd man/lavMatrixRepresentation.Rd man/varTable.Rd
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