Man pages for lavaan
Latent Variable Analysis

bootstrapBootstrapping a Lavaan Model
cfaFit Confirmatory Factor Analysis Models
Demo.growthDemo dataset for a illustrating a linear growth model.
Demo.twolevelDemo dataset for a illustrating a multilevel CFA.
efaExploratory Factor Analysis
estfunExtract Empirical Estimating Functions
FacialBurnsDataset for illustrating the InformativeTesting function.
fitMeasuresFit Measures for a Latent Variable Model
getCovUtility Functions For Covariance Matrices
growthFit Growth Curve Models
HolzingerSwineford1939Holzinger and Swineford Dataset (9 Variables)
InformativeTestingTesting order/inequality Constrained Hypotheses in SEM
inspectSampleCovObserved Variable Correlation Matrix from a Model and Data
lavaanFit a Latent Variable Model
lavaan-classClass For Representing A (Fitted) Latent Variable Model
lavaanListFit List of Latent Variable Models
lavaanList-classClass For Representing A List of (Fitted) Latent Variable...
lav_constraintsUtility Functions: Constraints
lavCorPolychoric, polyserial and Pearson correlations
lav_datalavaan data functions
lavExportlavaan Export
lav_funcUtility Functions: Gradient and Jacobian
lavInspectInspect or extract information from a fitted lavaan object
lavListInspectInspect or extract information from a lavaanList object
lav_matrixUtility Functions: Matrices and Vectors
lavMatrixRepresentationlavaan matrix representation
lav_modellavaan model functions
lavNameslavaan Names
lavOptionslavaan Options
lav_partablelavaan partable functions
lavParTableParameter Table
lavPredictPredict the values of latent variables (and their...
lavPredictYPredict the values of y-variables given the values of...
lav_samplestatslavaan samplestats functions
lavTableslavaan frequency tables
lavTablesFitPairwise maximum likelihood fit statistics
lavTestTest of exact fit
lavTestLRTLRT test
lavTestScoreScore test
lavTestWaldWald test
model.syntaxThe Lavaan Model Syntax
modificationIndicesModification Indices
mplus2lavaanmplus to lavaan converter
mplus2lavaan.modelSyntaxConvert Mplus model syntax to lavaan
parameterEstimatesParameter Estimates
plot.InformativeTestingMethods for output InformativeTesting()
PoliticalDemocracyIndustrialization And Political Democracy Dataset
samFit Structural Equation Models using the SAM approach
semFit Structural Equation Models
simulateDataSimulate Data From a Lavaan Model Syntax
standardizedSolutionStandardized Solution
summary.efaListSummarizing EFA Fits
varTableVariable Table
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