Defines functions create_oalhs

Documented in create_oalhs

# Copyright 2019 Robert Carnell

#' Create an orthogonal array Latin hypercube
#' @param n the number of samples or rows in the LHS (integer)
#' @param k the number of parameters or columns in the LHS (integer)
#' @param bChooseLargerDesign should a larger oa design be chosen than the n and k requested?
#' @param bverbose should information be printed with execution
#' @return a numeric matrix which is an orthogonal array Latin hypercube sample
#' @export
#' @examples
#' set.seed(34)
#' A <- create_oalhs(9, 4, TRUE, FALSE)
#' B <- create_oalhs(9, 4, TRUE, FALSE)
create_oalhs <- function(n, k, bChooseLargerDesign, bverbose)
  return(.Call("create_oalhs", as.integer(n), as.integer(k),
               as.logical(bverbose), PACKAGE = "lhs"))

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