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Shared parameter docs


Parameter docs shared by lgb.train, lgb.cv, and lightgbm



List of callback functions that are applied at each iteration.


a lgb.Dataset object, used for training. Some functions, such as lgb.cv, may allow you to pass other types of data like matrix and then separately supply label as a keyword argument.


int. Activates early stopping. When this parameter is non-null, training will stop if the evaluation of any metric on any validation set fails to improve for early_stopping_rounds consecutive boosting rounds. If training stops early, the returned model will have attribute best_iter set to the iteration number of the best iteration.


evaluation function(s). This can be a character vector, function, or list with a mixture of strings and functions.

  • a. character vector: If you provide a character vector to this argument, it should contain strings with valid evaluation metrics. See The "metric" section of the documentation for a list of valid metrics.

  • b. function: You can provide a custom evaluation function. This should accept the keyword arguments preds and dtrain and should return a named list with three elements:

    • name: A string with the name of the metric, used for printing and storing results.

    • value: A single number indicating the value of the metric for the given predictions and true values

    • higher_better: A boolean indicating whether higher values indicate a better fit. For example, this would be FALSE for metrics like MAE or RMSE.

  • c. list: If a list is given, it should only contain character vectors and functions. These should follow the requirements from the descriptions above.


evaluation output frequency, only effect when verbose > 0


path of model file of lgb.Booster object, will continue training from this model


number of training rounds


objective function, can be character or custom objective function. Examples include regression, regression_l1, huber, binary, lambdarank, multiclass, multiclass


a list of parameters. See the "Parameters" section of the documentation for a list of parameters and valid values.


verbosity for output, if <= 0, also will disable the print of evaluation during training

Early Stopping

"early stopping" refers to stopping the training process if the model's performance on a given validation set does not improve for several consecutive iterations.

If multiple arguments are given to eval, their order will be preserved. If you enable early stopping by setting early_stopping_rounds in params, by default all metrics will be considered for early stopping.

If you want to only consider the first metric for early stopping, pass first_metric_only = TRUE in params. Note that if you also specify metric in params, that metric will be considered the "first" one. If you omit metric, a default metric will be used based on your choice for the parameter obj (keyword argument) or objective (passed into params).

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