summary.lyl_range: Summarize Life Years Lost over a range of differents ages

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Summarize Life Years Lost over a range of differents ages


summary for objects of class lyl_range summarizes Life Years Lost over a range of different ages.


## S3 method for class 'lyl_range'
summary(object, decimals = 2, weights = NA, difference = FALSE, ...)



An object of class lyl_range (obtained with function lyl_range).


Number of decimals to be reported (default is 2).


Vector with age distribution of disease/condition onset. If weights are not provided (dafault is weights = NA), then the differences in Life Years Lost at each age are summarized. If weights are provided, then a weighted average is provided.


Parameter automatically created by the package.


Additional arguments affecting the summary produced.


A table with the summary of the results.


  • Plana-Ripoll et al. lillies – An R package for the estimation of excess Life Years Lost among patients with a given disease or condition. PLoS ONE. 2020;15(3):e0228073.

See Also

  • lyl_range for estimation of Life Years Lost for a range of different ages.


# Load simulated data as example

# Estimate remaining life expectancy and Life Years
# Lost after each age from 0 to 94 years and before age 95 years
lyl_estimation <- lyl_range(data = simu_data, t = age_death, status = death,
                            age_begin = 0, age_end = 94, tau = 95)

# Visualize data at each different specific age

# Summarize data over an age distribution
summary(lyl_estimation, weights = simu_data$age_disease)

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