Defines functions collect_warnings

#' Catch errors and warnings
#' This function is modified from a version in lme4, which was based on
#' a factory written by Martin Morgan on Stack Overflow (see below).  
#' Factory generates a function which is appropriately wrapped by error handlers.  
#' If there are no errors and no warnings, the result is provided.  
#' If there are warnings but no errors, the result is provided with a warn attribute set.
#' If there are errors, the result returns is a list with the elements of warn and err.
#' @param fun The function to be turned into a factory
#' @param debug print debugging statements?
#' @param errval the value to be returned from the function if an error is thrown
#' @param types which types to catch?
#' @return The result of the function given to turn into a factory.  If this function was in error "An error as occurred" as a character element.  factory-error and factory-warning attributes may also be set as appropriate.
#' @references
#' \url{http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4948361/how-do-i-save-warnings-and-errors-as-output-from-a-function}
#' @author Martin Morgan; Modified by Russell S. Pierce and Ben Bolker
#' @noRd
factory <- function (fun, debug=FALSE,
                     errval="An error occurred in the factory function",
                     types=c("message","warning","error")) {
  function(...) {
    errorOccurred <- FALSE
    warn <- err <- msg <- NULL
    res <- withCallingHandlers(tryCatch(fun(...),
                                        error = function(e) {
                                          if (debug) cat("error: ",conditionMessage(e),"\n")
                                          err <<- conditionMessage(e)
                                          errorOccurred <<- TRUE
                                        }), warning = function(w) {
                                          if (!"warning" %in% types) {
                                          } else {
                                            warn <<- append(warn, conditionMessage(w))
                               message = function(m) {
                                 if (debug) cat("message: ",conditionMessage(m),"\n")
                                 if (!"message" %in% types) {
                                 } else {
                                   msg <<- append(msg, conditionMessage(m))
    if (errorOccurred) {
      if (!"error" %in% types) stop(err)
      res <- errval
    setattr <- function(x, attrib, value) {
      attr(x,attrib) <- value
    attr_fun <- function(x,str,msg) {
      setattr(x,paste0("factory-",str), if(is.character(msg)) msg else NULL)
    res <- attr_fun(res, "message", msg)
    res <- attr_fun(res, "warning", warn)
    res <- attr_fun(res, "error", err)

#' Collect all the warnings, errors, and messages from model refits
#' @noRd
collect_warnings <- function(.x) {
    warning = lapply(.x, function(.x) attr(.x, "factory-warning")),
    message = lapply(.x, function(.x) attr(.x, "factory-message")),
    error   = lapply(.x, function(.x) attr(.x, "factory-error"))

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