lmms: Linear Mixed Effect Model Splines for Modelling and Analysis of Time Course Data

Linear Mixed effect Model Splines ('lmms') implements linear mixed effect model splines for modelling and differential expression for highly dimensional data sets: investNoise() for quality control and filterNoise() for removing non-informative trajectories; lmmSpline() to model time course expression profiles and lmmsDE() performs differential expression analysis to identify differential expression between groups, time and/or group x time interaction.

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AuthorJasmin Straube [aut, cre], Kim-Anh Le Cao [aut], Emma Huang [aut], Dominique Gorse [ctb]
Date of publication2016-03-07 01:09:11
MaintainerJasmin Straube <j.straube@qfab.org>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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deriv.lmmspline Man page
filterNoise Man page
filterNoise,matrixOrframe,noise,missingOrnumeric,missingOrnumeri Man page
investNoise Man page
kidneySimTimeGroup Man page
lmms Man page
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lmmsDE Man page
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