Man pages for lmms
Linear Mixed Effect Model Splines for Modelling and Analysis of Time Course Data

deriv.lmmsplineDerivative information for 'lmmspline' objects
filterNoise-methodsFilter non-informative trajectories
investNoise-methodsQuality control for time course profiles
kidneySimTimeGroupKidney Simulation Data
lmms-class'lmms' class a S4 superclass to extend 'lmmspline' and...
lmmsde-class'lmmsde' class a S4 class that extends 'lmms' class.
lmmsDE-methodsDifferential expression analysis using linear mixed effect...
lmms-packageData-driven mixed effect model splines fit and differential...
lmmspline-class'lmmspline' class a S4 class that extends 'lmms' class.
lmmSpline-methodsData-driven linear mixed effect model spline modelling
noise-class'noise' S4 class
plot.lmmsdePlot of 'lmmsde' objects
plot.lmmsplinePlot of 'lmmspline' object
plot.noisePlot of 'associations' objects
predict.lmmsplinePredicts fitted values of an 'lmmspline' Object
summary.lmmsdeSummary of a 'lmmsde' Object
summary.lmmsplineSummary of a 'lmmspline' Object
summary.noiseSummary of a 'noise' Object
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