Man pages for ltm
Latent Trait Models under IRT

AbortionAttitude Towards Abortion
anovaAnova method for fitted IRT models
biserial.corPoint-Biserial Correlation
coefExtract Estimated Loadings
cronbach.alphaCronbach's alpha
descriptDescriptive Statistics
EnvironmentAttitude to the Environment
factor.scoresFactor Scores - Ability Estimates
fittedFitted Values for IRT model
ghGauss-Hermite Quadrature Points
GoFGoodness of Fit for Rasch Models
gpcmGeneralized Partial Credit Model - Polytomous IRT
grmGraded Response Model - Polytomous IRT
informationArea under the Test or Item Information Curves
item.fitItem-Fit Statistics and P-values
LSATThe Law School Admission Test (LSAT), Section VI
ltmLatent Trait Model - Latent Variable Model for Binary Data
ltm-packageLatent Trait Models for Item Response Theory Analyses
marginsFit of the model on the margins
MobilityWomen's Mobility
mult.choiceMultiple Choice Items to Binary Responses
person.fitPerson-Fit Statistics and P-values
plotPlot method for fitted IRT models
plot.descriptDescriptive Statistics Plot method
plot.fscoresFactor Scores - Ability Estimates Plot method
raschRasch Model
rcor.testPairwise Associations between Items using a Correlation...
residualsResiduals for IRT models
rmvlogisGenerate Random Responses Patterns under Dichotomous and...
ScienceAttitude to Science and Technology
summarySummary method for fitted IRT models
testEquatingDataPrepares Data for Test Equating
tpmBirnbaum's Three Parameter Model
unidimTestUnidimensionality Check using Modified Parallel Analysis
vcovvcov method for fitted IRT models
WIRSWorkplace Industrial Relation Survey Data
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