WIRS: Workplace Industrial Relation Survey Data

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Workplace Industrial Relation Survey Data


These data were taken from a section of the 1990 Workplace Industrial Relation Survey (WIRS) dealing with management/worker consultation in firms. The questions asked are given below:


Please consider the most recent change involving the introduction of the new plant, machinery and equipment. Were discussions or consultations of any of the type on this card held either about the introduction of the change or about the way it was to be implemented.

Item 1

Informal discussion with individual workers.

Item 2

Meeting with groups of workers.

Item 3

Discussions in established joint consultative committee.

Item 4

Discussions in specially constituted committee to consider the change.

Item 5

Discussions with the union representatives at the establishment.

Item 6

Discussions with paid union officials from outside.


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## Descriptive statistics for Wirs data

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