Man pages for mallet
An R Wrapper for the Java Mallet Topic Modeling Toolkit

load.mallet.stateLoad a Mallet state into Mallet
mallet.doc.topicsRetrieve a matrix of topic weights for every document
mallet.importImport text documents into Mallet format
mallet_jarReturn the mallet jar filename(s)
MalletLDACreate a Mallet topic model trainer
mallet-packageAn R Wrapper for the Java Mallet Topic Modeling Toolkit documents from a directory into Mallet format
mallet_stoplist_file_pathReturn the file path to the mallet stoplists
mallet.subset.topic.wordsEstimate topic-word distributions from a sub-corpus
mallet_supported_stoplistsMallet supported stoplists
mallet.topic.hclustReturn a hierarchical clustering of topics
mallet.topic.labelsGet strings containing the most probable words for each topic
mallet.topic.model.readLoad (read) and save (write) a topic from a file
mallet.topic.wordsRetrieve a matrix of words weights for topics the most probable words and their probabilities for one...
mallet.word.freqsDescriptive statistics of word frequencies
save.mallet.instancesLoad and save mallet instances from/to file
save.mallet.stateSave a Mallet state to file
sotuState of the Union Adresses.
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