Man pages for maotai
Tools for Matrix Algebra, Optimization and Inference

bmdsBayesian Multidimensional Scaling
boot.mblockGenerate Index for Moving Block Bootstrapping
boot.stationaryGenerate Index for Stationary Bootstrapping
cayleymengerCayley-Menger Determinant
checkdistCheck for Distance Matrix
checkmetricCheck for Metric Matrix
cmdsClassical Multidimensional Scaling
cov2corrConvert Covariance into Correlation Matrix
cov2pcorrConvert Covariance into Partial Correlation Matrix
dpmeansDP-means Algorithm for Clustering Euclidean Data
ecdfdistDistance Measures between Multiple Empirical Cumulative...
ecdfdist2Pairwise Measures for Two Sets of Empirical CDFs
epmeansEP-means Algorithm for Clustering Empirical Distributions
kmeansppK-Means++ Clustering Algorithm
lgpaLarge-scale Generalized Procrustes Analysis
lyapunovSolve Lyapunov Equation
matderivNumerical Approximation to Gradient of a Function with Matrix...
mmd2testKernel Two-sample Test with Maximum Mean Discrepancy
nefNegative Eigenfraction
nemNegative Eigenvalue Magnitude
pdeterminantCalculate the Pseudo-Determinant of a Matrix
shortestpathFind Shortest Path using Floyd-Warshall Algorithm
sylvesterSolve Sylvester Equation
trioTrace Ratio Optimation
tsnet-SNE Embedding
weiszfeldWeiszfeld Algorithm for Computing L1-median
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