Man pages for mapfit
PH/MAP Parameter Estimation

AERHMMClassErlangHMM for MAP with fixed phases
AHerlangClassHyper-Erlang distribution with a fixed phase
as.gphConvert from HErlang to GPH
as.mapConvert from ERHMM to MAP
BCpAug89Packet Trace Data
cf1Create CF1
CF1ClassCanonical phase-type distribution
cf1.paramCreate CF1 with data information
cf1.param.linearDetermine CF1 parameters
cf1.param.powerDetermine CF1 parameters
ctmc.stMarkov stationary group data for map data for map
data.frame.phase.groupCreate group data for phase
data.frame.phase.timeCreate data for phase with weighted sample
dphaseProbability density function of PH distribution
emoptionsEM Options
erhmmCreate ERHMM
ERHMMClassErlangHMM for MAP
erhmm.paramDetermine ERHMM parameters
gmmppCreate GMMPP
GMMPPClassGMMPP: Approximation for MAP
GPHClassGeneral phase-type distribution
gph.paramGenerate GPH using the information on data
herlangCreate HErlang distribution
HErlangClassHyper-Erlang distribution
herlang.paramDetermine hyper-Erlang parameters
mapCreate MAP
map.acfk-lag correlation of MAP
MAPClassGeneral Markovian arrival process
mapfit.groupMAP fitting with grouped data
mapfit-packagemapfit: PH/MAP Parameter Estimation
mapfit.pointMAP fitting with point data
map.jmomentJoint moments of MAP
map.mmomentMarginal moments of MAP
map.paramGenerate MAP using the information on data
mmppCreate an MMPP
phCreate GPH distribution
ph.bidiagCreate a bi-diagonal PH distribution
ph.coxianCreate a Coxian PH distribution
phfit.3momPH fitting with three moments
phfit.densityPH fitting with density function
phfit.groupPH fitting with grouped data
phfit.pointPH fitting with point data
ph.meanMean of PH distribution
ph.momentMoments of PH distribution
ph.tridiagCreate a tri-diagonal PH distribution
ph.varVariance of PH distribution
pphaseDistribution function of PH distribution
rphaseSampling of PH distributions
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