Man pages for mapfit
A Tool for PH/MAP Parameter Estimation

BCpAug89Packet Trace Data
cf1Canonical Form 1 for Phase-Type (PH) Distribution
cf1-classClass of canonical form 1 (PH distribution)
erhmmER-HMM (HMM with Erlang outputs)
erhmm-classClass of ER-HMM
herlangHyper-Erlang Distribution
herlang-classClass of hyper Erlang
mapMarkovian Arrival Process (MAP)
map-classClasses of MAP
mapfit.groupMAP fitting with grouped data
mapfit-packagePH/MAP parameter estimation tool
mapfit.pointMAP fitting with time point data
map.mmomentMoments for Markovian arrival pcess (MAP)
phPhase-Type (PH) Distribution
ph-classClass of general PH distributions
phfit.3momPH fitting with three moments
phfit.densityPH fitting with density function
phfit.groupPH fitting with grouped data
phfit.pointPH fitting with point data
ph.moment-methodMoments for Phase-Type (PH) Distribution
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