BCpAug89: Packet Trace Data

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The data contains packet arrivals seen on an Ethernet at the Bellcore Morristown Research and Engineering facility. Two of the traces are LAN traffic (with a small portion of transit WAN traffic), and two are WAN traffic.

The original trace BC-pAug89 began at 11:25 on August 29, 1989, and ran for about 3142.82 seconds (until 1,000,000 packets had been captured). The trace BC-pOct89 began at 11:00 on October 5, 1989, and ran for about 1759.62 seconds. These two traces captured all Ethernet packets. The number of arrivals in the original trace is one million.

To reduce the data size, we picked the interarrival time in seconds for the first 1000 arrivals.




BCpAug89 is a vector for the interarrival time in sencons for 1000 arrivals.


The original trace data are published in http://ita.ee.lbl.gov/html/contrib/BC.html.

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