Defines functions backtransform

backtransform <- function(x, transform) {

    # transform can be a function or a named list of length 1 with a function, but could be NULL
    if (!is.function(transform)) {
        if (is.null(transform[[1]])) {
        } else {
            transform <- transform[[1]]

    cols <- intersect(colnames(x), c("estimate", "conf.low", "conf.high"))
    draws <- attr(x, "posterior_draws")

    if (!is.null(draws)) {
        dim_pre <- dim(draws)
        draws <- transform(draws)
        dim_post <- dim(draws)
        if (!identical(dim_pre, dim_post)) {
            insight::format_error("The `transform` function must return an object of the same class as its input: a matrix input must return a matrix of the same size, and a vector input must return a vector of the same length.")

    for (col in cols) {
        x[[col]] <- transform(x[[col]])

    for (col in c("std.error", "statistic")) {
        x[[col]] <- NULL

    attr(x, "posterior_draws") <- draws


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