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The R package matsindf provides ways to interact with matrices in data frames.


You can install matsindf from CRAN with:


You can install a recent development version of matsindf from github with:

# install devtools if not already installed
# install.packages("devtools")
# To build vignettes locally, use
devtools::install_github("MatthewHeun/matsindf", build_vignettes = TRUE)


The functions in this package were used in Heun et al. (2018).

More Information

Find more information, including vignettes and function documentation, at


Heun, Matthew Kuperus, Anne Owen, and Paul E. Brockway. 2018. “A Physical Supply-Use Table Framework for Energy Analysis on the Energy Conversion Chain.” *Applied Energy* 226 (September): 1134–62. .

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