everything_except: Get symbols for all columns except ...

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Get symbols for all columns except ...


This convenience function performs a set difference between the columns of .DF and the variable names (or symbols) given in ....


everything_except(.DF, ..., .symbols = TRUE)



A data frame whose variable names are to be differenced.


A string, strings, vector of strings, or list of strings representing column names to be subtracted from the names of .DF/


A boolean that defines the return type: TRUE for symbols, FALSE for strings.


A vector of symbols (when .symbols = TRUE) or strings (when symbol = FALSE) containing all variables names except those given in ....


DF <- data.frame(a = c(1, 2), b = c(3, 4), c = c(5, 6))
everything_except(DF, "a", "b")
everything_except(DF, "a", "b", symbols = FALSE)
everything_except(DF, c("a", "b"))
everything_except(DF, list("a", "b"))

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